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Basically unchanged from Elements 7 Organizer is very hit-and-miss Quirky sharing options By: Dustin Sklavos Adobe markets their Elements software as stripped down versions of their professional-grade applications, which has its pros and cons. Is Photoshop Elements 8 the best of Photoshop proper, or just a crippled imitation of the real deal? We break it down in this review.

Tight integration with online services and Premiere Elements 8. the most part are best described as superficial, Photoshop Elements 8 bears the even the $79 upgrade price (counting a mail-in rebate) is probably too high. One of the best-value packages available but is it worth upgrading to the latest 8 offering virtually all the controls you need at a truly affordable price Go and buy a copy of Photoshop Elements 8 now and discover the joys. Dive right in and do something incredible with your photos. Make them look their best with intelligent editing options, turn them into stunning creations, organize.

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Aided by Adobe Sensei AI technology, it also does a great job of automating some complex tasks with the 78 Guided Edits taking you through the key stages, giving you control over the final look of your images. There are also advanced features such as Adjustment Layers for more experienced photographers. It can also be bought as an upgrade on previous versions with or without Premiere Elements at a discounted price.

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