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Adobe premiere elements 8 great deals

Sep 23,  · Adobe Premiere Elements 8 makes significant strides over its predecessor, Premiere Elements hkzrmv.mere Elements 8 ($, or $ with a Plus membership; prices as /5. This review is JUST for the use of the online Amazon code for the Adobe Premiere Elements download and access. The program makes you generate a profile and password account, then you download the Trial version of the program then you enter the access code to upgrade it to the full version/5(21). Sep 21,  · Premiere Elements 8: The Missing Manual [Chris Grover] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Whether you're aiming for YouTube videos or Hollywood-style epics, you need what Premiere Elements can't provide: crystal-clear guidance and real world know-how. This Missing Manual delivers. Packed with great ideas on how to spiff up your footage/5(15).

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We got our hands on Adobe's latest home video-editing package and Deals. All deals · The Cheapskate Best VPN Services Best Web Hosting Best You can pick up a copy of Premiere Elements 8 now for around £75, or get it Theoretically, this ought to be a great feature for quickly trimming out those. Adobe Premiere Elements 8 is a significant upgrade from previous Stock up on cheap flash drives in Amazon's hour PNY storage sale. Adobe Premiere Elements [PC Online Code]: Software. Windows / 8 / 10 / 7. $ · Adobe . Your creativity makes it amazing.

Buying Adobe premiere elements 8 great deals

The most obvious and most welcome addition to Premiere Elements is the Organizer. Adopted from Photoshop Elements, the Organizer allows you to view, keyword-tag, and organize videos and photos; and when you have the two Elements programs installed, it acts as a conduit to both programs via a single interface. It automates keywording through Auto Analysis of image content including face recognition and Smart Tagging of video quality , starting instantly when you import files.

In addition, you can drag and drop tags onto a video while it previews, which can be quite useful since the most important content of a movie might not be in the first frame. You can back up, share, and archive the Organizer database and media files--and even sync them with your other computers--using Adobe's Photoshop.

Premiere Elements 8 comes with a Basic membership to Adobe's photo-sharing site, Photoshop. The interface provides two ways to create movies from your video: Instant Movie and manual creation. However, the two aren't divided processes so much as they are a workflow continuum. Instant Movie can use the new Smart Tags to create a movie, with music and transitions, based on your selected Flash template.

Smart Tags attempt to guide the Instant Movie function away from using boring, blurred, or otherwise undesirable clips within the movie. Like any automatic tool, Instant Movie doesn't always produce great movies. The results do tend to be pleasant, though sometimes rough, with the clip order not always logical or smooth.

You may prefer to use Premiere Elements 8's manual tools to edit the Instant Movie, or to start your own from scratch. Smart Fix attempts to automatically correct the imperfections--such as an underexposed clip--that Smart Tags has flagged. Smart Trim uses SmartTags to determine which portions of a video should remain and which should go, as well as to weigh the interest of various sections. You can set Smart Trim either to work automatically or to mark the areas of video it recommends for trimming; if you select the latter, you can then manually trim, adjust, or retain pieces, all in an easy-to-use timeline.

Smart Mix balances different sound sources so that the background music doesn't drown out narration or dialogue. Again, you can override Smart Mix's choices. In our tests, both Smart Trim and Smart Mix worked seamlessly, taking the drudgery out of critical video editing processes. Smart Fix tended to do a good job on the most obvious fixable problems. In Premiere Elements 8, you can now add still photos to movies, even if you don't have Photoshop Elements installed.

The library of templates, effects, transitions, and graphics has expanded, and now includes animated clip art that you can drag and drop into a film clip. Afterward you can add the new Motion Tracking to move objects within the video, making an animated butterfly flit around the head of a skipping child, for instance.

A nice selection of Flash and Acrobat tutorials, categorized by the level of difficulty and the type of activity, is accessible within the interface, though the tutorials are not context-sensitive. However, only a few are available to the general user. To access Adobe's large and expanding library of lessons, you have to purchase a Plus Photoshop.

We think such tutorials should be free to all registered users, as they are for many other programs. Similarly, extra templates and transitions will be available only to Plus members.

Premiere Elements 8 is an appealing upgrade for anyone interested in organizing videos, editing them, and compiling them into attractive, fun movies. With its underlying power and its significantly improved ease of use, it's a good value, and we even like the added value of Photoshop. When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

Read our affiliate link policy for more details. At a Glance Adobe Premiere Elements 8 Adobe Premiere Elements 8 is a significant upgrade from previous versions of this easy-to-use video editor.

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