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June 24, 9: But like any piece of professional software, the list of advanced features comes with big potential and a steep learning curve. He has also created videos for several other bands — including Dr. Dog and Neon Trees — and launched a music documentary series. He now works at Post Op, a post-production boutique in Dallas, Texas, as a professional video editor.

Watch every second Both Eastin and Henderson start a project in exactly the same way: Finding what works for you and sticking to it can help speed up the process in the long run.

Eastin watches all the footage by dragging everything into a new Premiere Pro Project. When he finds a shot he likes, he raises them up one level — or even two — for the best shots, which makes it easy to go back and find them later.

Henderson, after watching the footage, then brainstorms a storyline on paper. While different editors may have different organizational structures, the key is to get everything placed in a way that would allow any editor to easily jump in and help.

Henderson creates a color-coded structure inside Premiere Pro, for instance, and makes sure that the original files match the same folder hierarchy on his hard drive.

He also suggests that users migrating from another video editor relearn the shortcuts, instead of uploading other shortcuts or customizing them to match another program. Eastin said that relearning the shortcuts after switching from Final Cut helped him in the long run because the shortcuts are similar across multiple Creative Cloud applications.

Henderson suggests that learning the basics for other Creative Cloud programs will help you to create a better video in less time. Create your own overlays To save time, Eastin created his own custom overlays, which provide quick access to a range of unique effects. The overlays took time to develop, but Eastin says having the effects on hand to play with in multiple projects, is worth the initial time investment.

With this panel open, Eastin can adjust the color edits in real time, allowing him to see the color adjustments as he works. Always be willing to experiment and try new things Working for a boutique editing agency, Henderson says he will occasionally have a video that he thinks cannot possibly get any better — and then the client comes back with a suggestion.

Do anything you can to be a better editor.

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Here's the link to the bug report: By the way, you can use this file to add or augment other environment variables. Here are a few of the entries I have in mine: I downloaded both. iso files VIA the torrents over the weekend and the 32-bit MD5Sum is wrong.

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