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How the hell can you make a giant robot fence with a steering wheel or even fight at all in a melee combat using only two joysticks and some pedals. The aesthetic of the Ghost in the Shell anime franchise is partly defined by its distinct manner of visualizing the Net and human-computer interaction, replete with oversized flashing letters, completion bars, dials, meters and windows floating in space.

Also, the OS wars seem to be over - every single computer display uses the same look.

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Pisses me off. You will probably want to hold off on lollipop trust and believe me. The update is stable it's not gonna ruin your phone but you will definitely have plenty of bugs. It's not really worth it especially when your not going to miss out on anything anyway. As long as you're core apps work the update itself is just unnecessary.

I like it so far but I have noticed a bug. The default sound for when receiving messages etc, is the whistle.

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