Autodesk Maya 2013 Low Price

Autodesk maya 2013 low price

Maya is a next-generation 3D animation software embracing the most advanced creative toolset for creating interactive 3D apps, animated films or video games.

Power-packed with excellent creative tools this industry leading 3D animation software inspires you to be more creative. Maya by Autodesk has a Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform to simplify complex liquid simulation and photorealistic rendering tasks. It comes with an Opensubdiv library to represent subdivision surfaces while the latest Geodesic voxel binding offers you with an innovative skinning method.

Maya also comes with XGen Arbitary Primitive generator that enables you to groom your animated characters by creating various hair styles, fur, feathers etc. Additionally, the advanced node-based visual shader editor enables you to easily preview real-time shaders directly in the viewport.

You can buy Autodesk Maya at lowest subscription charge along with 1 year Autodesk India license only at Snapdeal. XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator Maya by Autodesk comes with the ground breaking XGen arbitary primitive generator technology that will thrill you with its advanced 3D tools and functions.

You can use this tool to add different hair styles to your animated characters, populate a particular scene with grass, rocks, trees etc. The best part of Maya is that the artists can can easily preview the rendered effect in the Maya Viewport 2. Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform This advanced platform facilitated by Maya enables the artsists to simplify complex liquid simulation and photo realistic rendering tasks.

Get ready to create awe-inspiring projects that will make the viewers go spellbound. The artists can easily view the result generated in the Viewport 2. OpenSubdiv Library If you are engaged in film and game production then you would definitely admire the OpenSubdiv library function introduced by Autodesk Maya It is basically a open source library by Pixar and enables you to represent subdivision surfaces.

With the opensubdiv library function you can take the support of both parallel CPU and GPU architecture for deforming subdivs at high speed. You can also view high resolution versions of the animated characters using the subdivision surface technology that gives you an amazing WYSIWYG experience. Geodesic Voxel Binding Geodesic voxel binding is an innovative skinning method introduced by Autodesk Maya With this advanced skinning technology users can create high quality images in just few clicks.

Easily handle the complex geometry that may contain intersecting triangles, non-manifold, non-watertight, comprised of multiple connected components. Shader network is created by connecting different nodes together through the the intuitive click-drag workflow and the outcome can be viewed in real time in Viewport 2.

Enhanced Polygon Modelling This new and enhanced polygon modelling feature includes advanced tools and features that helps to improve productivity. The modelling toolset now includes Realx and Tweak feature and new interactive edge extend tool that enables you to perform more in less time. It comes with an innovative multi-threaded unfolding algorithm that can quickly visualize UV distribution.

Extended feature support in Viewport 2. Bullet Physics enhancements Artists can now use open-source Bullet Physics Engine to create highly realistic and kinematic stimulation in Maya such as soft and rigid body objects and constraints. Using the bullet plugin you can create compound collision shapes from multiple meshes. Simplify your complex projects easily and in less time with this excellent 3D animation software brought to you by Autodesk.

Ptex support in mental ray If you have created a Ptex texture file in Autodesk Mudbox, they can be rendered in mental ray for Autodesk Maya. Customer-requested enhancements The Maya users can now list 30 minor workflow obstacles that can lead to workflow improvements in the small annoying things forum. You can also vote for the current suggestions for general product enhancement. Was this information helpful to you?

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Autodesk Maya 2013 Low Price

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August 28, 6: Autodesk Autodesk is cutting the cost of developing 3D animated models for games dramatically by launching a light version of its Maya 3D tool for indie and mobile game developers. Autodesk Maya hands.


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