Avanquest powerdesk pro 7 discount

Avanquest powerdesk pro 7 discount

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Avanquest Powerdesk Pro 7 Discount

"You're spending real money on building these sophisticated Ethernet drivers. Why don't you sell them?" Bob asked Tom Sterling, the programmer's manager.

"Because in return for giving away our Ethernet driver code, we get a complete operating system with source code under a license that allows me to put it on as many machines as I can get my hands on-all for free," Tom explained.

"Why are you building supercomputers that run on Linux. I know Sun Microsystems would be happy to give you source code if you would do this on Sun units.

" "Yeah, but if I do it on Sun, I have to get my lawyers involved to find out what I'm allowed to do and what I'm not allowed to do with their source code. If I use Linux, I get it with a license that allows me to do whatever I want!'" "So, what he was articulating was that he was not using Linux because it was better, faster, or cheaper technology," Bob said.


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