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If you don't have it yet, you can The license comes as a single 'flexdoc-xml-xmlspy. It is also possible to specify any other location of your license file directly on the generator or template designer command line using - license option.

Save the flexdoc-xml. Specify the location of XMLSpy home directory:: The Generator Dialog should appear: Check that everything is specified as shown on the screenshot. When the generation finishes, the result documentation should be open automatically in the default HTML browser.

The most likely cause is that your operating system is a bit Windows e. That's because bit Java doesn't know how to run a bit DLL and vice versa. Otherwise, the integration won't work! Settings Detail This section describes all primary settings that are required or may be needed to setup and run the XMLSpy Integration.

Its full name must be specified on the Java command line that runs generator or template designer using - m option as follows: SpyKit The integration main class implements an Element Image Provider , whose job is to provide some graphical representations of particular DSM elements the data entities, with which templates operate. The image provider may be a separate interchangeable subsystem, adjusted for a particular generator setup.

All other related settings are effectively the image provider parameters. See also: How Integration Works. That difference had to be specifically processed in the integration by adjusting various workarounds according to particular XMLSpy version.

Since XMLSpy Java API doesn't provide any version number information, it needs to be specified manually as the integration parameter with - m option on the Java command line, e.

Since then all XMLSpy releases work absolutely the same in respect to our integration. If your XMLSpy version is equal or higher than , you don't need to specify anything about it, or you can specify just the default value: It is implemented by two jar-files: An WindowsServer, lynda rar-adds.

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