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The elevator only goes down. The bright note is that the elevator will, at some point, stop. It's simply going to feel weird and out-of-control-ish, the way it does now, because too many things are changing too quickly.

The reason the future feels odd is because of its unpredictability. If the future didn't feel weirdly unexpected, then something would be wrong.

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Hyam Bolande - a small question. As you stated Apple iMacs and other macs are locked up like consoles but wouldnt that be better for developers. Less hardware variations to worry about. That would make sense if the OS X machines were well-adapted for gaming. The consensus on this forum seems to be that gaming hasn't ranked high in Apple's product design priorities (I personally can't claim to be an authority in this area, however).

I don't see why being less powerful than a good gaming PC, or even "locked up like the consoles," is such an issue. After all, plenty of perfectly good games come out for consoles, which are weaker yet and even more locked up.

I doubt Mac users care to tinker with their machines much more than console users. I know I certainly don't.

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