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Makes no sense whatsoever. MS should market WP as the smart phone that's smart the moment you get it. No additional purchase necessary. Sure we have over 120,000 apps, but we don't need apps to be the most productive smart phone. When I demonstrate my WP to friends I can go several minutes, have them thoroughly impressed, and then say "oh, and I haven't showed you any apps yet".

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publisher included with Microsoft Office The program is designed for novice users, allowing easy access to a large amount of editing tools. You’ll be able to design publications such as cards, magazines, menus, and posters. If you use the same Microsoft account to buy or redeem multiple Office subscriptions, you extend the amount of time for your subscription, up to a maximum of 5 years. Note that doing so does not increase the number of devices that you can install Office on or increase the amount of online storage that is available with the subscription. Get the Publisher at Microsoft Store and compare products with the latest customer reviews and ratings. Download or ship for free. Free returns. Buy now. Get Publisher for PC, plus all the Office apps and 1TB cloud storage with Office Shop Office Publisher. $/5(6).

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Photo Albums And more You can create advertisements for your business, event announcements, awards, and the list goes on. You can even create bookmarks and stickers using Publisher. The primary difference between Publisher and other desktop publishing software programs is that Publisher makes the tasks easier for you to complete. That means you don't have to be a graphics design professional to be successful using this program. All that's required is knowledge of the program and a little creativity, and you're on your way to creating stunning publications.


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