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It also have usb 3. In this video I show how to easily install Windows 10 on any Macbook. Work efficiently with email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and more—together in one place. Winamp works perfectly well with Windows The war between Mac and Windows devotees has been raging for decades, and last week we asked you to weigh in. One of these innovations is the wallpaper pack, now you can download without having to wait for the new version of OS X. Sync for Mac.

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Its big new feature, support for 3D graphics, allows you to play PC games on a Mac, too--but the number of titles it supports and the resolution at which you can play are limited right now. Once the software is installed, you can run Windows in one of three modes: The new support for 3D graphics means that you can now play PC games and run 3D graphics programs. Older titles such as Doom 3 and Far Cry worked well enough running in a smaller window at by resolution, but they still took a significant performance hit by running under virtualization. Right off the bat, you lose half your video card's memory due to Parallels' configuration, so the MB ATI Radeon X graphics cards you'll find on most older iMacs and MacBook Pros are immediately reduced to 64MB--not enough to run today's games well. Virtualizing eats up a chunk of your computer's main memory, too, dropping a 2GB system down to around 1. On a fully equipped Mac Pro with a high-end graphics board, or on one of the new MacBook Pros with plenty of RAM, that isn't a problem, but DirectX support limitations will still hold you back. A few added enhancements to Parallels improve your ability to share files between operating system environments. If you click on a file icon and choose the 'Open With Choose one, and the file opens in the correct OS.

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