Buy now sony cd architect 5.2

Buy now sony cd architect 5.2

I do agree that he tends to be repetitive but I would like to comment on your "control of production" co Haha. Sorry for resurrecting a 3-year review. I do agree that he tends to be repetitive but I would like to comment on your "control of production" comment. This is an important book.

Buy online Buy now sony cd architect 5.2

Also included with Sony Sound Forge Software. It can perform full PQ code editing, apply effects, create customised cross-fades, and generate disc-at-once pre-masters suitable for replication.

Originally introduced by Sonic Foundry, Sony has further developed CD Architect to include many features required by the modern mastering engineer. Hard drive: Microsoft DirectX 8. Licensing and Support Sony products are licensed for use on a single computer. Technical Support and software updates are available online at www.

Educational establishments, schools, colleges and universities , may qualify for discounts and multi-user licences. Contact Sales for further information. Re-sampling and dithering, with noise-shaping, converts the source audio ready for CD burning. Multiple file formats are supported and converted. Automatic backup of the project every five minutes gives complete confidence.

Undo and redo history restores previous edits with ease. The user may zoom to sample-level and perform precise edits, fades and cross-fades. The software offers the capabilities to move, cut, copy, paste, and split events and invert audio phase and normalise tracks.

Audio scrubbing is provided, depending on hardware. Real-time pitch changes and time stretching are supported.

Complex cross-fade transitions between and layering of tracks are easily achieved, graphically, on screen. Audio in between tracks and 'hidden tracks' are allowed. Volume envelopes can be graphically modified and locked to events if required. Audio tracks may be arranged using simple drag-and-drop operations. Multiple takes of a track can be previewed and switched between to determine which best fits the project.

Processing of the CD, using over twenty real-time DirectX effects including EQ, compression, reverb, and noise-gate, can be applied to individual tracks, sections of a track, or to the master 'output' bus. The software supports non-destructive editing of tracks and export to Sound Forge, see separate entry, or other audio editor. Any edits in such are updated and reflected in the CD project. Test burns can be performed and buffer under-run protection, preventing unusable discs, is supported.

Track list information can be shared with other applications or a CD replication house, for example. Track list information can be copied and shared with other applications, saved to a text file, or printed directly from within the CD Architect application.

This item is discontinued. Unfortunately we are not currently able to offer an alternative. RoHS Status.


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