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Producer debate. This is more of a side note, but we feel like it's important to clear up a little naming funkiness that has crept up in recent years. Someone that creates electronic music - meaning, they sit at a computer and play hardware or software instruments and create an arrangement - is a music producer.

A DJ, on the other hand, is traditionally someone who plays recorded music for an audience (used to be with vinyl turntables, and more recently with CDJs). Popular publications like the DJ Mag Top 100 poll have created a bit of confusion, since what it seems like they are actually doing is listing the most popular music producers, not necessarily the most popular DJs. Some of the most popular electronic music artists - take Madeon or Porter Robinson for example - don't truly identify themselves as DJs.

They are more performers, with live shows that have little to do with turntables or CD players. However, the term producer and DJ have become largely interchangeable.

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Turning the notion of isolated firewalls that must be independently updated, managed, and configured on its head is quite refreshing. As a managed services provider, we've taken a disparate array of firewalls used across customer sites and centralized onto Meraki units that come with varying degrees of functionality, but most importantly, a common concept of cloud-based management that is applied across the board.

If you can learn how to manage a single Z1, you already know 85 of what it takes to manage MX firewalls, MR access points, and even the Meraki switch line (which I admittedly don't have much experience with yet). This consolidation of efforts on our end to streamline our customer network firewalls onto Meraki units has not only allowed for considerable ease of administration, but also much higher levels of overall security, uptime, and overall network stability.

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