Discount mindjet mindmanager 9

Discount mindjet mindmanager 9

That goal may make the software seem far more esoteric than Microsoft Office , but MindManager finds itself in a similar predicament to Microsoft's ubiquitous productivity suite. As with Office, most of the basic functionality in MindManager hasn't changed in years. So what is Mindjet doing to persuade people continue paying for a function they could get for free?

The latest version adds automatic Gantt charts to diagram tasks in your maps, and it doubles down on its integration with that other embattled category leader, Office. MindManager is perhaps the most powerful mind-mapping program available. But the upgrades in this version are less than compelling. The Gantt map functionality works smoothly and should be a boon to serious project managers, but many of the other additions are of limited value.

You can also suck information--e-mail messages, tasks, appointments, and contacts--directly from Outlook into MindManager. As technology, this is powerful and impressive. You can choose preprogrammed queries, like Today's Tasks or New Contacts, or you can build your own query to get custom data. In my hands-on testing, it all worked fairly seamlessly, but I have a hard time imagining how I'd use it in real life.

Most of the content in Outlook, like e-mail messages and appointments, makes sense to view in Outlook, not in a mind map. The one exception is tasks. Mind maps can be great for managing a to-do list; but even though MindManager syncs data with Outlook, I think that most users would want to manage their tasks in one program or the other, not in both simultaneously.

Best NAS boxes for media streaming and backup ] Keeping Tabs on Projects MindManager has had the ability to track tasks, including deadlines and resources, for a while now.

MindManager 8 even introduced a feature that let users make one task dependent on another and automatically push back the finish time of a whole project if one constituent task were delayed. The latest version of the product doesn't significantly change the task functionality within maps, but it does add a new Gantt view.

The function works effortlessly, and those Gantt bar charts provide a good alternative way of judging whether you're on track with a project. You can also export the data to Microsoft Project. If you want to give a presentation based on your mind map, you can use a process new to MindManager 9 to create slides from any node of the map you wish. Previous versions of the software allowed you to move step-by-step through a map in a format optimized for a presentation.

The advantage of the new functionality is that you can skip parts of the map that aren't relevant for your presentation. You can print any of the slides you create, which solves another problem that some mind map programs suffer from: By printing portions of a map, you can produce slides with readable type. Buying Advice My buying advice for MindManager 9 depends on who's asking. Heavy-duty project managers who already rely on mind mapping will appreciate this upgrade.

But if you don't care about Gantt charts and you already use an earlier version of MindManager,you probably don't need this upgrade. If you're new to the field of mind mapping, you won't find a program with more functionality or elegance than MindManager. But you can certainly find one that's cheaper.

I recommend trying one of those first before committing to Mindjet's price tag. When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

Read our affiliate link policy for more details. At a Glance Mindjet MindManager 9 MindManager 9 is at the top of the heap for mind-mapping software, but this upgrade doesn't have a lot of compelling improvements.

Pros Added Gantt view useful for project managers Mature, powerful program Far more expensive than many competing programs Many other upgrades are of limited value Related:

MindManager Version 9 for Windows is an information mapping software that gives business professionals a better way to brainstorm concepts & develop. For a limited time only, MindManager 7 and 8for Windows users can upgrade to MindManager Version 9 for Windows at a discounted price of £79 MSRP. Japanese women report lower mindjet mindmanager 9 mac what a wasted the blame to Stewie rather than an idol Low in an exceedingly. Face people with your .

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There is no better time to upgrade for Mindjet Windows customers. Receive all the benefits of the upcoming MindManager at no additional cost when it's launched. Contact Us for more information Mindjet MindManager is information mapping software that gives business professionals a better way to conquer information overload, brainstorm concepts, develop strategies, simplify project planning, and communicate results.

MindManager maps provide an intuitive visual framework for organising and prioritising work. Extensive integration with Microsoft Outlook, Office, Project and SharePoint lets users take full advantage of MindManager in the context of their typical workflow. MindManager makes it easy to capture information and ideas, including tasks, hyperlinks, attachments and notes. By displaying the big picture and all the details in a single dynamic view, MindManager fosters clarity, innovative thinking and communication to improve business results.

MindManager's visual information maps mind maps start with a central theme, and then add branches with ideas, notes, images, tasks, hyperlinks and attachments. Easily import from or export to Microsoft Office. Use MindManager maps to capture and organise information, and you'll quickly transform your thoughts and ideas into fine-tuned documents, compelling presentations and winning strategies.

MindManager gives you with a better way to brainstorm, organise facts, plan projects and communicate results. Accomplish More Faster Clearly align and organise information, ideas, and strategies to be more productive. Ensure Project Success Achieve active participation in project planning and goals setting to fully engage the project team. Organise and present in a visual context to ensure understanding and improve retention.

Power Performance MindManager now opens faster, loads your large maps faster and uses dramatically fewer system resources. Brainstorm and define your project tasks, assign resources, dependencies, duration and dates.

The synchronised project timeline is displayed alongside your map where you can make updates in either your map or project timeline. Resource planning updates help ensure that you optimise your use of critical resources to get the project done on time and within budget. Slide Presentations In addition to MindManager's presentation mode, there's a new way to present your work with the slide view. Pick and choose topics to present, adjust their order and control exactly how you want each branch to appear.

Add dynamic Outlook branches with pre-defined queries or build your own. With a click, update status, review the content or open the original record. Each slide that you create can also be printed, so you can print out exactly what you need printed.

The updated menu ribbon interface simplifies access to most frequently used commands. There's also a new file menu called backstage to provide easy access to document commands like print, export, share and more Product Information.

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