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The user of Home Designer software does not really draw or sketch a design, but builds and constructs a home. If you begin with the Build drop-down menu, you will see Wall at the top of the list. Each wall section is considered an "Object," so once each object is placed, you can select and move it around. The program functions like a builder — it progresses one wall at a time, one room at a time. An architect often thinks more abstractly and conceptually at first — a sketch on a napkin.

In contrast, Home Designer functions more like a builder. Using this software, you may feel more like Bob the Builder than architect Frank Gehry. The "Wow" Factor The very impressive 3D renderings will amaze you. The floor plan that you build can be viewed in multiple ways — overhead like a dollhouse, different camera views, and even a virtual "walkthrough" along a path you define. This DIY software takes away the mystique of any architect, designer, or construction professional who tries to "wow" the public with a virtual reality presentation.

Anyone can do it; it's baked into the software. If You Don't Read the Directions First Remember this, if you're not in the habit of reading instructions before you begin you know who you are: Go to the Home Designer Samples Gallery and download a zip file of sample plans and renderings. Of course, you can't professionally USE them in any official way, because that would be stealing, but you can get a jump start on the learning curve.

If you read the Reference Manual first, a first-time user may better undersand the focus on objects instead of concepts in the software environment created by Chief Architect.

The current position of your mouse pointer displays in the Status Bar at the bottom of the program window. Architectural objects take up space in all three dimensions and their height, width and depth can be specified In addition, the location of objects can be precisely defined using coordinates When the video says, "It's that easy," well, it's not that easy. For the uninitiated DIYer, a half-day's worth of fiddling and training is recommended to become even semi-productive.

Even after a full day of fiddling, front porch columns may go through the roof or stairways may end up as high as a rooftop. Although there may be easier ways to draw a floorplan, Home Designer software really gives a professional look to even the simplest of floorplans.

While designing the floorplan, it's very easy to switch to a different view, such as a 3D overhead called a "dollhouse. The online Support Center and drop-down Help menu are phenomenal. Help documents are constantly being updated, including: It may save you money when you use an architect that charges by the hour.

If you can conceptualize your ideas using the language of the professional designer or architect, communication will be faster and your expectations can be better thought through. The many standard features will keep you busy for weeks. The uninitiated will not outgrow this software anytime soon.

Not only does the software integrate with the Room Planner app, but users can import photos of their own homes for landscaping and remodeling projects. Great support. Affordable price. Other Considerations Once you get the knack of using the software, it's just too easy to make complicated designs.

Walls and juts are easy to add, but there's no on-screen calculator to show you the immediate construction costs of what you are doing. Beware of sticker shock! Three-dimensional renderings include a snazzy ability to record a virtual walk-through. However, you will not be able create the simple yet elegant line drawings found in the work of professional architects. For that type of elevation drawing, you'd need to move up to the Chief Architect product line created for professionals at chiefarchitect.

Too many options can be paralyzing. A how-to video library offers step-by-step instructions for navigating the software, and over 2, photos of homes and landscapes can provide inspiration or guidance. Best for Landscaping: Landscaping is just as important if not more , and to visualize it, you need a software that puts special emphasis on this crucial aspect of home design. From pathways and plants to decks and gazebos, you can customize anything and everything.

The deck builder wizard makes it easy to create a new deck or patio, which can be then spruced up with plants, fences and much more. Speaking of, HGTV's plant encyclopedia has reference information for more than 7, trees, plants, flowers, shrubs and groundcover options. It also contains information about the plants' light, water and soil requirements. You can scan digital photos of your yard to easily add garden design elements to them, and take a 3D tour it once done. It's worth mentioning that HGTV lets you design home interiors too, and comes with many powerful design tools for the same.

Best Online: Space Designer 3D is a web-based app that lets you plan and visualize your ideal home, using just your Web browser. Getting started with Space Designer 3D is a walk in the park, and all you need is an account. The Web app makes it simple to visualize your created project in real-time, both in 2D and 3D.

Space Designer 3D can simulate natural lighting realistically, depending upon the GPS coordinates and time of the day.

Its rendering engine can transform 3D objects into photorealistic images with just a click, and levels are editable independently through the 2D floor plan visualization.

It's possible to have multiple options for the design of the floor plan or interiors, which is why Space Designer 3D includes different versions of a single project, with the ability to quickly switch between multiple designs.

Space Designer 3D offers multiple plans, and you can choose the one that best suits your or your organization's needs. Best for Mobile: Homestyler Buy on Homestyler. There's no need to lug around a laptop, as your smartphone will do just fine. Just install Homestyler, and get started.

A powerful home design app, Homestyler offers a myriad of features. Simply take a photo of your space, and try out multiple wall colors, decor items and furniture products from actual brands.

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Create a warm feeling in your living rooms by rendering the 3D final quality. As you create your landscape, you can choose from a number of plants to add to your yard. View your floor plans and a dollhouse view of your home to save you from having to go back and forth during the designing process. With 3D Home Architect's extensive furniture library, you will be able to create rooms that look and feel real. Helicopter view allows you to see the home at all angles during any time of day. You will be able to be as specific as you like as you create your home design plans while viewing the 3D mode and the 2D mode. This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued.


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