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FL Studio is a two-decade old piece of software that also seems to have won the hearts and minds of much of the music production community, especially Stateside. However, like all DAWs, it has become something of a production powerhouse over the years, yet tried to keep that simplistic ethos that won it so many fans at the start. Well, the company is celebrating 20 years of the software and that policy I mentioned is its lifetime of free updates, which means just what it says. If you were one of those lucky punters who opted for version 1. With the moniker focussing so much on the history, perhaps this is an appropriate point to look back at how the software has developed in those 20 years. Do I really need this? The chances are you already have a DAW or a hardware sequencer with which you make music.

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Its official launch was in early , when it was still a four-channel [15] MIDI drum machine. FL Studio has undergone a number of major updates since its inception. Software overview[ edit ] FL Studio Express - This version allows for step sequencer -only editing and is chiefly suited for step loop creation. Instruments in the pattern can be routed to the Mixer tool for effects processing, and effects as of version As of version There is no audio recording feature. Producer Edition — The Producer Edition includes all of the features of the Fruity Edition, as well as full recording for internal and external audio and post-production tools.


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