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User reviews What is FileMaker Pro? FileMaker Pro is a unique asset management software that enables businesses to create an application to serve as a file-sharing hub without prior extensive coding knowledge. The software affords brands the highest level of flexibility, thus they are able to structure an app that reflects their identity to publish for Apple devices, Windows PCs, and the web. The software organizes contacts, inventory, projects and tasks, invoices, and more. The application even offers Starter Solutions, templates that can be used to get started with content management.

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But what fuels those new ventures and ideas are products that long ago proved their value and continue to be strong-a product like FileMaker. New features in FileMaker 17 for advanced developers, server admins FileMaker 17 ties up loose ends, fills in small gaps, and fixes little problems left over from previous versions. Layout object grouping was introduced a couple of versions ago, but now developers can select and move or reformat individual layout objects in a group without having to ungroup them first. The Send Mail process now supports sending multiple attachments. FileMaker Server has been further optimized to be even more responsive, especially the database is accessed in a web browser or after a disconnect. Your email app can probably do this. Master-detail is a nice interface strategy:

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