Good price abbyy finereader 9.0 professional

Good price abbyy finereader 9.0 professional

When I dont, they complain about a missing outlook icon (exactly two inches from the left and three inches from the bottom in a string of icons that made a circle matching their desktop picture) and Dear God, did I lose their eleven years of email.

Those same people are more than happy to tell me they wish they could change over to an Apple product as if changing over would be so simple. If I could tell my users they could reduce their entire Windows experience to touching icons, they should really love it.

Except that because it is still called Windows, it should be exactly like last years Windows. If it were called Windows Simple, or Microsoft Icon, they wouldnt expect it to be the same and they would be open to change, and pleasantly surprised when they could make it do the same things their old Windows did. It's not about the technology.

More than at any other time in marketing history, it's about The Meme.

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In recent years, with faster processors and inexpensive memory, OCR optical character recognition software has matured to the extent that importing and recognising text from clean scanned documents is almost perfect in all the main applications available today. Indeed, basic OCR software has become so good for this that computer users need a good reason to upgrade from the free programs bundled with most scanners. This means that, rather than scanning piece by piece, the software looks through the entire document first. This gives it a much better shot at working out what sort of document it is, how it's arranged, whether there're any footnotes and how they're done etc. Otherwise, accuracy for straightforward scanned documents was comparable with OmniPage Professional As with all OCR packages on the market, this is now standard. However, the whole process is handled competently so that, for example, document metadata title, author, key words can also be extracted and saved with the final document.


ABBYY FineReader 9.0 professional + CD-ORD (På Dansk)

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