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Read more here. New features include native XML file editing, image hotspot definition, cross-browser preview and compare, Spry widget editing, Server Side Includes SSI file editing, and advanced search and replace. Its in-browser editing environment gives content authors the capability to drag and drop FLV, SWF, and PDF files directly into pages, as well as advanced text- and image-editing tools.

Top 13 reasons to upgrade to Adobe Contribute CS5 Predefined content types — Create new pages quickly based on existing design templates and page functionality. Set the workflow to hold new pages for review or to have them go live instantly. Cross-browser preview — Verify the look and feel of updated pages in multiple browsers.

Preview edited pages in any installed browser. Change properties such as panel transition animation effects. Collaborative publishing — Establish collaborative workflow processes to author, review, and publish content. Define different review paths, whether a single approval for an internal page or multiple sign-offs for a public page.

Enable multiple reviewers to comment on drafts simultaneously with in-context tools for faster and more effective web publishing cycles. Multiple page search and replace — Use the enhanced search and replace capability to update information on multiple open draft pages. Streamline the update process by performing in minutes a previously tedious task. Subversion support — Roll back pages to previously archived files using the built-in Contribute rollback feature or Subversion, which is supported by Contribute CS5.

Simply define the Contribute connection with the proper settings, and site content is instantly available for updating. Draw one or more hotspots onto any image, and then add alternative text and URLs for immediate interactivity. Authors can choose SSI files from a list, without needing to know the file path. Text and image enhancements — Create superscript and subscript text directly in Contribute. Rescale, rotate, crop, and sharpen images, and adjust their brightness and contrast.

Changes are displayed accurately with enhanced CSS rendering. Publish to websites and blogs — Publish with a single click to a wide variety of websites or blogs.

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