Good price adobe premiere pro cs5.5

Good price adobe premiere pro cs5.5

Shares Our Verdict Good features include the new Project panel and Media Browser functionality- both as an alternative to using the source monitor and the ability to really speed up the workflow.

Trimming is a lot faster both in the Timeline and in the Program Monitor, as is the application of effects via double-click and Adjustment Layers.

However, although there's a lot to like, there are albeit a few bugs in the preview version of the software and the Warp Stabilizer couldn't handle everything thrown at it. There's also a limited number of Adobe-certified GPU cards recommended for GPU-accelerated rendering, though it's good that users of the recently released Macbook Pro, if not other laptop users, can take advantage of this power. Apple caught flak for changing the interface and workflow its users were so adhered to, but while there's a new interface and many enhancements here, there's not the same revolutionary overhaul that so alienated some of Apple's user base.

If you're on Premiere Pro CS5. This was further refined in CS5. Over 50 enhancements With over 50 enhancements in this release, Adobe has a chance to cut further into the high-end market it's been striving for, but it remains to be seen if Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 will be enough to knock Avid off the broadcast throne. It's in that light then that we peel back the virtual wrapping of the latest edition.

Virtual is the operative word in this case, because as well as being able to buy Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 as a standalone desktop application or boxed copy of Production Premium, you can also use it as part of an Adobe Creative Cloud membership. New look for Premiere Pro CS6 Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 has a new interface, a two-up workspace that positions the Source Monitor and Program Monitor side by side at the top of the screen; the Project panel, Media Browser, Info panel, and Effects panel are located at the lower left, and the Timeline panel as well as the Audio Meters panel are in the lower right corner of the screen.

Don't run screaming just yet, because the legacy default workspace is still available in the Workspace menu. Workspace layouts can also be saved with each project file, so you can completely customise the workspace layout if you want. Like Adobe Photoshop CS6 you can also bring the brightness of the UI down in the Appearance settings, making the colours of footage pop with the contrast of a dark background.

Personally we like the 'big media focus' on the user interface. Premiere Pro always seemed a bit cramped and techy for a creative tool.

Now the Source and Program monitors seem a lot clearer, allowing big uncluttered displays of footage - the monitor buttons sitting comfortably on a single row below. There's thus no dead space on either side any more and no more jog and shuttle controls.

Full screen cinema, baby! A button editor allows you to customise this further, allowing for example you to add previously 'hidden' buttons such as Play Around and Loop. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 also lets you put either the Program Monitor or the Source Monitor into full-screen cinema mode on your system's primary display with a key press. Other enhancements include a newly revamped Time Ruler bar in the the Source Monitor, Program Monitor, and Timeline panels and new properties and functionality for markers.

The Audio editor has also been redesigned and indeed improved, with greater control and more accurate feedback of audio signal levels. It's also capable of being resized. You can display resizable Imported After Effects project files are also supported.

More information about the clips can now be viewed simply by mousing over them, while clicking them will display the sequence they are used in. The new Project panel lets you view, sort, and arrange media by directly displaying resizable You can also mark in and out points, just by clicking I and O after positioning the playhead on the clips in the Project panel. In this fashion, should you so wish, you can assemble a rough cut without ever once opening a clip in the Source Monitor.

In a similar fashion you can resize the thumbnails in the Media Browser tab and again use J,K,L and spacebar navigation before setting edit points. It's also simple to drag clips from the Media Browser and import them into a newly spring-loaded tab of the Project panel. You can use J-K-L scrubbing and mark In points and Out points directly in the clip thumbnails in the Project panel for speedy initial editing.

In for a trim Trimming where the edit point occurs in the clip has been streamlined. Rather than using the separate Trim Monitor, a live Trim mode is available within the Program Monitor panel.

When in Trim mode, this switches to a simplified two-up display with controls for trimming and Out Shift and In Shift counters for keeping track of trimmed frames. The new Trim mode in the Program Monitor provides a two-up display showing the outgoing and incoming frames, with buttons for trim functions and default transitions below J-K-L shortcuts let you play clips on one side of an edit point, then perform a trim based on the position of the playhead when you stop playback Effects and Adjustment layers To test the application of effects during the review we began by dragging and dropping them onto clips as usual, but there's now an easier way.

Just select the clip or clips in the timeline and then double-click on an effect in the Effects Panel- the effect is instantly applied to the selected clips. Another way of applying effects quickly is to use Adjustment Layers, just as in Photoshop and After Effects. There are a number of ways of creating an Adjustment Layer, such as clicking New Item in the Project panel. Once created, you need to drag it onto a track above the selected clips. Now all you need to do is select the Adjustment Layer in the timeline, go to the Effects panel and double click on an effect to apply it to all the selected clips.

You can add as many effects as you want to the Adjustment Layer, or resize it to only affect a portion of the clips. The new ability to apply effects with a double-click speeds the editing workflow by giving you the ability to add effects to multiple selected clips in a single operation.

Banish uneven footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 There are new effects for dealing with uneven footage, both of which are now to be found in the new release of After Effects CS6 as well. Introduced in AE CS5. We had to let Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 analyse our test clip first, but could continue working while it did so.

When it was done, it had indeed stabilised the clip and the result wasn't bad, though there was some cropping of the frame. If the footage is particularly bumpy a warning will suggest you adjust settings to 'Stabilize Only', because under the default setting the cropping would be too extreme. Even then some footage is beyond repair. Warp Stabilizer is now available inside of Premiere Pro CS6, with the potential to make shaky, uneven handheld footage look as if it were shot with a camera rig.

When applied to affected footage it will identify problem areas and let you adjust the Rolling shutter rate to remove the skew. Multicam support in Premiere Pro CS6 has now gone up from four cameras to as many as your system can support- however we couldn't get the multicamera monitor correctly to run in our preview release of the software. A new UI brings the colour wheels to more prominence and allows a master checkbox to sync all three together. Each colour wheel has its own eyedropper for sampling colour and each wheel has a reset button for independent undo.

Making adjustments did however push our system, particularly when we were working with RED. R3D files, and the adjustments were certainly not reflected in real-time for the most part. Speed, speed, and more speed If your system supports it you can see significant leaps in acceleration of the Three-Way Color Corrector when using GPU-acceleration.

Like previous versions, Premiere Pro CS6 takes advantage of the Mercury Playback Engine, now enhanced to allow uninterrupted playback during tasks like resizing panels, colour correction and real-time effects adjustment.

Premiere Pro's internal colour correction tool has been revamped and redesigned for more intuitive use. It's designed to integrate with Premiere Pro CS6 and provide a way to sift through the masses of footage that comes with working with file-based media. You can ingest and preview clips, then prepare rough cuts and also add metadata such as shot comments - we can see it being a tool a director or on-set editor might use.

Be careful not to overload Prelude with too much data for your system memory to handle though as we had a couple of crashes during testing. Part of Production Premium, Adobe Prelude CS6 makes ingesting, logging, and commenting on media a fast and efficient process, and can send a rough cut of clips directly to Premiere Pro.

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Shop Adobe Premiere Pro CS Windows at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Price Match Guarantee. To add Warp Stabilizer to your clip in After Effects CS5. 5. 6 mb) 50 free .. Premiere is great if you can find the best Adobe Premiere plugins in the price of time. Trying to decide between Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid We help you understand which is the best video editing software for you. The CS6 release in particular featured a significant redesign as well as While the price points are aligned with Adobe Creative Cloud for the . Feb 5,

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Review Price: Adobe Premiere is one of the oldest brands in PC video editing, although with the switch to Premiere Pro the underlying codebase was radically updated. For the CS5 version, yet another seismic change has taken place. Not only has the application moved to a bit environment, but hardware graphics acceleration is now built in to a much greater extent than before. The previous CS4 version of Premiere Pro was bit aware, so could take advantage of a little more memory running on a bit version of Windows. But the CS5 incarnation is native bit software.

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