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Literally the only drawback I have with my iPad. Ya, right. I like being able to access my excel files from my iPhone. Works great for simple editing and updating. But suddenly I can not edit an excel file that I had created on my laptop and had been able to edit it on my iPhone before.

It opens read only and when I try to save it to another name or location it does not allow it because I now must have an Office subscription. I never had one to begin with. I have a one drive account, but that does not get me around this. WHY do I suddenly need an Office subscription? WHY are you holding me hostage? Google Sheets seems to work just fine and I am now using that instead.

By the way, keyboard aficionados will be glad to know that the Quick Analysis gallery, like everything else in Excel, can be opened with a keyboard shortcut, in this case Ctrl-Q. My favourite new feature, which saves a tremendous amount of time and effort, is called Flash Fill, and it's one of many features where Excel acts using its brain, not just its raw number-crunching power.

As an example, say you have a column of first names and a column of last names, and you want a single column containing cells with a last name followed by a comma, then a first name. I used to accomplish this by copying the names into Word, combining them there by replacing tabs with commas, and then copying the results back into Excel.

Now, all I need to do is go to the top row of the columns of names, containing, for example, "Arthur" and "Andersen," find an empty cell on that row, and enter "Andersen, Arthur". Then I start typing a similar combination of names on the next cell down, corresponding to the names in the second row, and Excel fills in that cell, and the whole rest of the column, with the combined names that I want. The filled-in data appears in grey until I click on an icon that invites me to confirm that I got the data I want.

You can use the same trick in reverse, too, extracting the first or last word from cells that contain multiple words, instead of combining multiple words into one cell. With some experimentation, you may find that Flash Fill is smarter than you expect. What's under the hood Some of Excel's best new features aren't visible in Excel itself because they exist only on the web.

One especially nifty feature lets you add a view-in-Excel button to almost any table that you want to include on a web page. This can be a web page on your own site or a blog or anywhere else. All you need to do is to visit Microsoft's site, click a few buttons to get the two chunks of HTML code that you need, and then paste that code above and below a table in the web page.

When you upload the modified page to your website, anyone who views it will find an "Excel Interactive View" button above the table. When a visitor clicks on the button, an active view of the table opens at the top of the browser window, complete with charting options and pivot-table-style filters.

Another button causes the table to open in the browser in the full Excel Web App interface — essentially a subset of Excel itself that runs in a browser. You don't even need to own a copy of Excel to use this feature, and it gives you a taste of what you'll get if you do make the purchase.

Other web-based features — which you'll need a full copy of Excel to use — include the ability to specify which parts of a worksheet will be visible or editable when you post the whole file online so that it can be viewed in the Excel Web App.

A whole worksheet viewed in the browser is of course different from a simple HTML table on a web page viewed in Excel Interactive View. Another web-based feature that requires a full desktop-based copy of Excel is real-time collaboration on worksheets stored on Microsoft's cloud-based SkyDrive service available free with 7GB of storage to anyone with a Microsoft account, with 20GB added if you subscribe to the Office service that installs a full copy of Office on up to five computers.

Multiple collaborators can open the worksheet in their desktop copies of Excel, or in the Excel Web App, and edit different cells at the same time — with one major restriction: All the collaborators who edit the worksheet at the same time must be using either desktop Excel or the Excel Web App.

Real-time collaboration won't work if some people are trying to use the Web App and others the desktop app at the same time. Other sharing features let you post a link on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, which opens a SkyDrive-stored, editable worksheet.

Add-ons Excel , like Word and Outlook , supports plug-in modules that you can download from Microsoft's Office store. These are a mixed blessing. For example, Microsoft's answer to the real-time stock quotes available in Google Drive is a Bing Finance plug-in which works well with US-traded securities, but doesn't recognise many foreign firms and has limited options for creating a table of symbols and prices.

When I inserted a table and then tried to remove one of its columns, Excel instantly crashed. After fifteen minutes, I clicked Cancel on the message box that told me that Excel was trying to recover my data, and had to close Excel from the Windows Task Manager. This was one of the worst app crashes I've experienced in a long time. Knowing Microsoft, I'm sure they'll get this right eventually, but meanwhile, if you want automatically updated stock prices in a worksheet, you're better off with Google Docs, which makes this task almost effortless.

Good price microsoft excel 2013 price

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I use OneDrive to make the spreadsheet accessible on my desktop computer as well as on my iPhone. One small negative: I keep a spreadsheet for each week.

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