Good Price Microsoft Powerpoint 2013

Good price microsoft powerpoint 2013

For instance, if the theme comes with a light color scheme, and you want to use darker colors, just click the template and all the available color schemes will be displayed.

You can select the required one to use in your presentation. Just like the previous versions, you can also manually change the color and style of elements in a template. Enhanced Presenter View The Presenter View in PowerPoint displays the Active slide on the left side, the Next slide at the top right, while the Notes for the current slide are displayed in the bottom right corner.

A timer appears above the preview of the current slide, and extra controls are available at the top and bottom of the Presenter View window. Even though, Presenter View was also available in the previous versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, it was not activated by default. For this reason, a lot of people were not aware of its existence in the previous PowerPoint versions. Microsoft seemed to realize this in the latest release, and has enabled it by default.

Now, whenever you run the slide show, the Presenter View will be displayed, if there are multiple display devices connected to the computer. Some changes have also been made to the console. Now you have an extra Laser Pointer Pen Tool, option to zoom parts of a slide, see all slides at a time, and ability to switch Slide show and Presenter Views between the connected display monitors.

Sign in to your Microsoft Account, and it will automatically connect to your SkyDrive account. You can use the same account to sign in to Microsoft Office on different devices.

This way, all your saved documents will be synced to the cloud and will be available for viewing and editing from any device.

This eliminates the need to carry your documents in removable storage drives. If they have a Windows Live ID, everything can be performed from inside the browser. The previous version also allowed you to switch to widescreen mode, however, you had to manually change the aspect ratio of the slide, which also changed the size of the slide elements. The new version of PowerPoint has built in support for Widescreen monitors. Moreover, there is also a new full screen mode available for editing.

It allows you to view your slides, and edit them while consuming the available screen space. The Ribbon, containing all the editing options, can be activated and deactivated from a conveniently placed button at the top right corner. First of all, everything feels smoother, from the movement of the cursor when you type, to the way animations appear in your presentation.

Microsoft has also tried to improve the look and feel of the interface. There are now buttons available on the main interface to switch to the aforementioned Fullscreen View, and to access Notes and Comments.

Another welcome change to the UI is that a lot of options, which used to appear in separate dialog boxes, are now accessible through panes, appearing on the right side. For instance, in PowerPoint , if you right-click a slide and select Format Background, a separate dialog box opens up. You can make changes to a slide, but the dialog box covers the slide, and you have to move it manually in order to view all the slide elements. Moreover, when you select Format Background option, instead of opening a separate dialog box, a pane is added to the right side.

Anything that you change using from the pane is reflected on the slide in real time. Just like other Office suite applications, it includes an Online pictures option to let you quickly add background to the slide from your favorite online image resource; you can choose an image from the Office. It allows you to easily align objects and text in a slide, relative to each other. You can use the object alignment option to merge different shapes with each other.

For instance, If you want to merge together two shapes, the alignment guides help you in quickly adjusting them together according to top, down, left and right margins.

Another very useful, and much needed, feature added to PowerPoint is auto-text wrapping. When an image is added to a slide with text in it, the text automatically readjusts itself around the image so that there is no overlapping of any kind. Insert Online Video, Image And Audio PowerPoint now allows you to add videos, images and audio files directly from the internet, without first downloading them to your PC. Think of it as the object being embedded in your presentation.

The previous version of PowerPoint also had the option to add videos from the web, however you had to copy the embed code of required video and paste it into PowerPoint. For instance, to add a YouTube video, just search for it, select the required one from the search results and click OK to embed it into your presentation. The image results are, by default, set to show the images that are licensed under Create Commons, so it eliminates the chance of copyright violation when you use an online image in your presentation.

You can also choose to view all the web results for your search. Due to the addition of MPEG-4 format, the presentation video can directly played on a lot of media players and devices. Just go to Export, and select Create a Video. All the other options, including the Resolution, and whether to use recorded timings and narrations are available with the MPEG-4 format.

Due to its versatile interface, with several dialog boxes changed into panes within the main window, PowerPoint is definitely a good presentation utility to use on both PCs, as well as tablets.

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