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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Premium provides a whole new way to interact Upgrade forced a new install, which was no big deal, but I was unable to import. Get the full version of the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 Premium software Using this Nuance Dragon software reduces speech recognition errors by 15 percent. Having been a huge fan & booster of Dragon Naturally Speaking for over 10 years this turned out to be a major disappointment. .. Great Deals on. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home and Premium Editions, Version 11/ (Up to Sign in to get personalized notifications about your deals, cash back, special.

It may be that at some point humans or our descendants will have transformed the entire solar system into a living information processing entity a Matrioshka Brain. We may have even done the same with the other hundred billion stars in our galaxy, or perhaps even spread to other galaxies. Surely that is a scale beyond our ability to understand. Not particularly. I can use math to describe to you the limits on such an object, how much computing it would be able to do for the lifetime of the star it surrounded.

I can describe the limit on the computing done by networks of multiple Matrioshka Brains by coming back to physics, and pointing out that there is a guaranteed latency in communication between stars, determined by the speed of light.

I can turn to game theory and evolutionary theory to tell you that there will most likely be competition between different information patterns within such a computing entity, as its resources (however vast) are finite, and I can describe to you some of the dynamics of that competition and the existence of evolution, co-evolution, parasites, symbiotes, and other patterns we know exist.

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It stagnates mostly. I read the piece and liked it. First off, it's clearly not intended as an expository essay, so I don't think I'd criticize it on those grounds, or for being hyperbolic.

That's clearly part of the sardonic humor.

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