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Home Basic misses out the snazzy Aero interface - that's only available further up the price ladder Our Verdict If you want Vista, yet this is all you can run, you'd be better off putting the money towards a new PC For The cheapest version of Vista Ideal for older PCs Limited in terms of features No Aero interface support No Media Center interface Between the security improvements, the new interface and the major improvements for notebook users Windows Vista looks appealing, but are you going to feel happy about paying for it? You can add some of the underlying technology to Windows XP but there's no way to upgrade to the extra security. Are the security improvements enough to switch for or is the rest of Vista enough to make the price tag - for the upgrade and for any hardware you'll need - feel like good value? With so many versions, the answer is a mixed bag. So let's look at all the different features and versions to see whether you need to upgrade, whether you want to upgrade and what to pick if you do. It misses out the snazzy Aero interface - that's only available further up the price ladder.

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When does Windows Vista support end? - BT

When does support for Windows Vista end? Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows Vista on April 10, , while extended support ended on April 11, Is Service Pack 2 the last version of Windows Vista? How long do I have until Windows Vista support ends? Support has already ended for Windows Vista. It expired on April 11, Is it still safe to use Windows Vista? Once an operating system enters extended support, it's still safe to use.


How to: Upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7

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