Corel VideoStudio X6 Ultimate Review

Greatly discounted price corel videostudio ultimate x6

You only had to do a minimum of things to get the program to do what you wanted for example, subdividing a line into equally-sized segments was something you could do with the mouse without even touching a menu. Yet the need to get bullet-point and gold-star features of the product up front led to inconsistencies in later renditions.

Trimming an excerpt from a clip is something you would expect to be able to do with a menu command, or with an obvious set of buttons. Intuition tells the skilled user that you bookend the excerpt on both sides and trim it with the scissors.

To trim a video, the instructions begin, you drag the scrubber to one point and click the scissors button. That splits the clip into two in the timeline. Then you select the one you want to delete and press Delete on the keyboard. Presumably you make two cuts, then manually delete the first and third clips from both sides of the one you want to keep. If you follow these instructions, presumably nothing. As it turns out, these might be the instructions for trimming a video with only one clip.

A veteran editor might think the following: If you drag one edge of the clip in the timeline, the dragged portion can be automatically trimmed. And what do you know?

That does actually work. Suppose you want to use this feature to trim your video to a precise point. When you use the trim markers in the display to note where that point is, VSP marks the region between the beginning and the end with an orange line. That makes sense. Intuition says you then drag the edges of the clip so that they match the orange line.

Which means it now denotes a completely different segment of the video, not at all where you placed them. But clips in the video track snap to the ends of one another automatically. The way to create black space is to go into the color swatches and drag the color black as a clip into the main video track. Now, you can overlap the edges of clips by dragging the boundaries of one into another one. VSP has transition styles, many of which are quite extraordinary.

But a random transition is about as welcome as a random background color or a random frame size. The way to change that random transition is through a buried drop-down list on one of the Preferences tabs. I wonder where that idea came from? A great many folks still use digital video cameras where the storage medium is built into the camera, and the only way to get video out of there is through a capture procedure.

Modern cameras that support 32 GB SD cards, or even higher capacity, will save you the headaches of tethering video to yourself — a process that makes one imagine that he or she is in a Marconi wireless room waiting for reports from stricken freighters. Not once. If you are familiar and comfortable with the level of difficulty with Powerpoint then you should be fine with this.

The warranty gives you ONE support episode for a technical issue however there is a forum on Corel for artistic or editing questions.

I used it once and they helped me with my issue perfectly and solved what I needed. The only thing I didn't like was how they set up the final burning of the DVD. They put a step in there that doesn't make it intuitive to just doing a simple burn, however, no real problem. You also have multiple choices on how to save your project: DVD, mp4, HD, various resolutions, etc.

I actually had an easier program that had options to burn the DVD with a baseball theme so I imported it as an mp4 and burned it with another program. However, video artists out there could design their own and not need this.

I closed it out with a clip of him pitching at age 8; I then segued to a photo of him in mid windup on the mound; there was a drawing effect that started with a white screen and drew in the picture slowly as if someone was rapidly sketching with a pen; it filled in color while a great portrait shot of my son at Cooperstown slid in from the right just as the picture finished and then text came in from above and below with various effects while music was playing and then faded out.

Greatly Discounted Price Corel Videostudio Ultimate X6

VideoStudio Pro X6 Ultimate Review

Amazing bit performance for more speed, power and stability! Experience more speed, stability and responsiveness for a wide variety of processes, plus better file handling when working with 4K, HD and complex multi-track projects.

Step up to the next level of video-editing performance with bit VideoStudio Ultimate X7. Seven Premium bit video FX apps Broaden your creative horizons with seven professional-quality bit special effects applications in VideoStudio Ultimate X7, delivering increased speed and power.

Worth hundreds of dollars if purchased separately, this FX collection brings more quality, creativity and fun to your videos—all for just a few dollars more than the price of VideoStudio Pro. Assemble any video project faster with the new FastFlick Introducing FastFlick — an easy 3-step way to quickly make and share great-looking movies and slideshows in less time.

Simply select a template, add your media and share your movie to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, or Vimeo; or save your project to a variety of video formats. Use FastFlick to quickly assemble your content, then finish the job with advanced video-editing tools in VideoStudio Ultimate X7.

Faster multi-track rendering Render multi-track video projects faster than ever with the raw bit power of VideoStudio Ultimate X7. Save time generating 4K project previews with the new 4K Smart Rendering.

Streamlined workspaces Enjoy a cleaner and more enjoyable way to work with new UI enhancements that give VideoStudio Ultimate X7 a sleek, sharp new look for the Media Library, the Timeline, and the Share workspace. Fresh content and new content collections Explore a range of creative possibilities with fresh and exciting content in the Media Library. Create entirely new looks with updated templates, frames, and objects, plus the new color pattern and background collections.

Versatile content makes it fun and easy to put together fabulous videos. More HD support, custom tools and settings Get support for more HD profiles and enjoy more ways to personalize and enhance your editing experience!

Preview your project in HD and choose from a larger selection of project properties. Customize your environment to edit your way. Define your favorite filters and set up project settings to work with the cameras you own. Use the new custom settings for batch conversion to create, save and delete your preferred profiles. Learning resources Access a wide range of learning resources from within the Help menu.

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