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Up to 80% OFF Parallels Coupon Codes & Discounts. Act now & save big $$ Parallels Desktop 15 all editions. Run Windows apps on your Mac easily with the new Parallels Software. Desktop Standard, Pro and Business versions as well as upgrade. Parallels is the ultimate program to run Windows applications on your Mac system. Parallels is offered in different editions for Home and Business users. I purchased Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac download from Amazon a few days ago. There was no documentation with it, I didn't understand what was happening with the download, I've had nothing but trouble with the program, my Windows programs take forever to load and the issues just seem to /5(K). Parallels is a software company that specializes in producing virtualization and automation software. It has a Volume Licensing Program whereby customers can purchase products in a large quantity while ensuring a protection of their investment. Customers recommend Parallels for its high-quality, efficient software and friendly customer support.

Historical[ edit ] Released on June 15, , it was the first software product to bring mainstream virtualization to Macintosh computers utilizing the Apple—Intel architecture earlier software products ran PC software in an emulated environment.

Parallels agreed: Each virtual machine thus operates identically to a standalone computer, with virtually all the resources of a physical computer. For example, a running virtual machine can be stopped, copied to another physical computer, and restarted.

Version 2. This version also allowed users to boot their existing Boot Camp Windows XP partitions, which eliminated the need to have multiple Windows installations on their Mac.

Netsys lawsuit[ edit ] This section needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Additionally, the lawsuit claimed that Parallels Desktop 2. Version 3. Support for DirectX 8. Parallels Explorer was introduced, which allows the user to browse their Windows system files in Mac OS X without actually launching Windows.

A new snapshot feature was included, allowing one to restore their virtual machine environment to a previous state in case of issues. Further, Parallels added a security manager to limit the amount of interaction between the Windows and Mac OS X installations.

A Parallels, Inc. Also, SCSI support has not been implemented. Build , released on July 17, , [13] added an imaging tool which allowed users to add capacity to their virtual disks.

Further, Parallels' Image Tool was updated to allow one to change their virtual hard disk format between plain and expanding. Parallels Explorer was updated to allow for one to automatically mount an offline VM hard drive to the Mac desktop. Some new features added are iPhone support in Windows, allowing iTunes in Windows to sync with it.

Parallels released the modified source code on July 2, , about 2 weeks after the promised release date. Parallels Desktop 4. A fourth viewing mode called Modality, [20] which allows users to scale the size of an active guest operating system on the Mac's desktop A new screenshot utility called Clips, which lets users take and share screenshots between the host and the guest operating systems.

The ability to use select voice commands [25] to remotely control the virtual machine. The ability to start and stop a virtual machine via the iPhone. Requires installing an iPhone application from Apple's AppStore.

Starting with the Version 4. Feature update[ edit ] Build , released January 9, , [26] includes performance enhancements and features, such as DirectX 9. Windows can now also automatically start in the background when a user opens a Windows application on the Mac desktop. Version 4. Version 5[ edit ] Officially released on November 4, , Parallels Desktop 5 adds several new features, mainly to improve integration with the host OS. New features include: Support for DirectX 9c with Shader Model 3.

Build , released on December 21, , added some new features. Windows guest operating systems[ edit ] Improved resume from suspend in virtual machines with multiple monitors assigned. Improved performance for file access via Shared Folders. You can configure these settings using the corresponding option in the virtual machine video configuration page. Improved 3D performance for the video game Mirror's Edge. To do so, enable the "Select boot device on startup" option in the virtual machine configuration, which will enable you to specify the necessary kernel options in the 5-second timeout before booting the kernel.

Version 6[ edit ] Officially announced on September 9, and launched on September 14, , Parallel 6 has full bit support for the first time.

These include:

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When your adding the harddrive you are given 3 choices a create a new virtual disk, b reuse an existing virtual disk c use a physical disk I chose the physical disk option. You then specify which physical drive in my case just one - hda and whether the entire disk or just certain partitions I chose the entire drive.

When I boot the vm I actually get the same grub menu as I get on a real boot. You have to let windows re-detect all the virtual hardware versus whats really on your system. This can take a long time and many reboots virtual.

You will be asked many times during the hardware detection for the location of the different. In my case it seemed better to have the contents of my windows system disk easily accessible in a folder on one of my windows drives versus the real cd drive or a mounted iso file. I'm probably in trouble if I want to go back and and run it in the normal manner although it was'nt working that great anyway - i had'nt done a real boot into it since a motherboard replacement a couple of months ago Does not work for SATA Submitted by FracturedSingleton on Thu, Just an FYI here.

The converter will not work if the only drive you are converting is SATA. It creates a VM that will not boot. So I pre-ordered it last week to get the discounted price and then installed the production version Build this evening.

I also decided to try out the VMware Converter and was a little annoyed to discover it only runs under Windows. No luck. It claimed the file is corrupted it is not.

This time it said it could not identify the OS. Same problem with the CentOS 4. Here is the high level process I will use. Install VMware Workstation 5. For each OS on a real partition on my disk Use a Knoppix 3. Once booted into Knoppix, use partimage to create partition images of all the OS partitions on the machine. Swap partitions needn't be imaged, for obvious reasons, and data partitions needn't be imaged because they can simply be copied. I stored the partimage files on an external disk.

Create a VM for that OS, storing it on an external disk. Use partimage to restore the OS partition into the virtual hard disk of the VM. Re-install the appropriate boot loader for that OS to enable that OS to boot. Once VMs had been created, on an external disk, for all the OSes on real partitions, completely and totally wipe, defrag, and re-install from factory media the laptop.

After the factory restore has completed, run Windows update however many times I need to get the machine totally up to snuff and current. Re-install virus protection software and other essential goodies. Note, on the core, non virtual OS, I plan to install very little real software, just stuff that absolutely has to have access to the real hardware.

Manage your virtual hardware settings, set new virtual hardware, including new virtual disks and attach hard disks to VMWare virtual machine. The program provides you with universal virtual disk conversion engine, as well disk clonning engine. With MakeVM you can: VHD or Parallels Workstation. With 'Deirect clone Recent changes:


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