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Less Design and build tables for a database Access basics, part 1 If you're new to Access, start here. This course explains key concepts and terms, the first steps in database design, and how to build tables. Watch online Create table relationships Access basics, part 2 Learn how to create table relationships, a key part of any database.

This course covers the types of relationships and how to build each one. Watch online Create your first Access database Learn how to create an Access database in just minutes by using a template. Access gives you templates that run on your computer or in the cloud.

Watch online Introduction to queries Access basics, part 3 Learn how to create queries in Access Course covers the types of queries, creating Select queries, criteria, joins, and intermediate tables Watch online Webinar: Intro to Access Watch this minute webinar first. It's a gentle introduction to Access. Intermediate Dealing with read-only queries Can't change the data returned by a query? This course explains the most common causes and solutions, and provides links to information about other ways to deal with the problem.

Watch online Stop a query from asking for input To make a parameter query stop asking for input, you remove all parameters, or fix problems usually typos in field names in expressions. Watch online Use criteria in your Access queries Learn how to use criteria to filter your Access data. You need a basic understanding of queries to complete this course.

Watch online Use parameter queries to filter query results Learn how to add parameters to your queries so they ask for your input, such as a date or a name, before they run. Parameters are a powerful way to filter your query results. Watch online Use Update queries to change data in Access Learn how to build update queries that change data safely. Update queries can be a fast way to change a lot of existing data in one or more tables.

Watch online Using date criteria in queries Learn how to use date criteria in your queries. This course shows the basics, plus how to use calculated fields and filter for part of a date value, as well as how to use the DateDiff and DateAdd functions to subtract and add date values. You need to be familiar with Access queries to complete this course.

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Advertisement When is Office available, and how much will it cost? Office is on sale now, but only for commercial-level customers. As always, Microsoft will make 32 and bit versions of Office available. As Microsoft notes: For example, at the time macOS Advertisement Image: To do so, Word will be getting the aptly named Focus mode, which darkens the screen and reduces the displayed UI elements.

Mac users will also now have customizable ribbons aka drop-down menus in their version of the Word interface. Advertisement Also, PC users will now have travel and delivery cards, while Mac users get new email templates; a Send Later function for scheduling delivery times; and read receipts. Both platforms also get Office Group integration. PowerPoint Image: Microsoft Advertisement The changes for PowerPoint are all about enhanced media and visual element support in presentations. OneNote OneNote is arguably the biggest change included in Office This is technically a new OneNote release entirely, one that can replace OneNote though OneNote remains available and will be supported by Microsoft through This new version, dubbed OneNote for Windows 10, includes Ink-to-Text support, meaning your handwritten words will be turned into typed text, plus better syncing between connected devices.

Microsoft Advertisement Finally, Excel gets a host of new functions—like new formulas and chart options, and support for 2D maps and timelines—to better present and organize your data.

Better pencil support and other tweaks Image: Microsoft Advertisement In addition to these program-specific updates, there are also changes that apply to all Office software.

Office also comes with some behind-the-scenes changes such as monthly security updates and a reduction to network bandwidth use. Will Office replace Office ? In a post announcing the software release , Microsoft makes sure to point out that Office is a standalone package of its software geared primarily towards private users and businesses who do not have the necessary internet access required to use the cloud-based Office Because of this, many of the features present in the Office versions of these apps are not included in their Office counterparts, especially cloud-based and collaborative features.

Advertisement Furthermore, Microsoft makes it clear that while Office will be receiving regular security fixes, it will not be getting expanded feature updates, while Office users can still look forward to new and updated features through regular monthly updates just as they always have.


Microsoft Access 2019 - Full Tutorial for Beginners [+ General Overview]

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