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Com I wanted to make a raid 5, with one spare leaving me 2TB usable space. These disks should not use to much power and be reasonable quiet. One 2. 5" hard drive for the OS I had an old 40GB SATA model I could use, but if I haven't had this I would probably by a cheap 40GB SSD just to avoid bottlenecking the server now when all the other components are so powerful.

Microsoft mappoint 2010 europe cheap price cost

Route optimization from RouteSavvy results in less miles driven, reduced fuel costs, reduced overtime labor costs, increased productivity, and savings that go straight to the bottom line. RouteSavvy is an ideal MapPoint alternative, with an interface so similar that MapPoint users will be up and running in a day. Key features include: Powered by Bing Maps for Enterprise, EasyTerritory allows users to geographically build and manage territories and get business-intel for leads, opportunities, contacts, accounts or any custom Dynamics entity. Features of EasyTerritory include, territory management, geospatial BI, including spatial data visualization, route planning and full legacy GIS integration.


Microsoft MapPoint - Mapping Demographic Data and Layering Sales Data on Top

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