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Get better results faster using a redesigned user interface. Office Outlook has redesigned the interface within the authoring experience, making composing, formatting, and acting on e-mail an easier and more intuitive experience.

All of the rich features and capabilities of Office Outlook are now accessible and easy-to-find within the message. Visually identify information. Using Office Outlook Color Categories, you can easily personalize and add categories to any type of information. Color Categories give you an easy, visual way to distinguish items from one another, so it's easy to organize your data and search your information. Preview attachments in one click with Attachment Preview.

Accessing e-mail attachments is often a multistep process with no easy way to gain quick insight into the content. With Attachment Preview, you can easily preview your attachments in one click directly from within Office Outlook What people are saying about us 9. Chart formatting takes a dramatic jump into the future. For those who are not graphically inclined, pick from preset styles to get harmonious colour combinations and effects such as shadows, bevelled edges, and three-dimensional shapes.

Excel adds no new chart types, however; for years Excel users have been requesting that Microsoft include box charts and other popular chart varieties, to no avail. Easily the most improved Excel feature is conditional formatting, which adds formatting to values that meet certain criteria.

With a conditional formatting rule, Excel will automatically apply it to all of the cells specified. Though conditional formatting has been in Excel for many years, using it was too much of a hassle for most people. In Excel , the feature is easier to use; in many instances a preset option can be chosen right out of the ribbon. It's more powerful, too, allowing mix and match formatting rules; previously there was a limit. The real excitement in conditional formatting, however, comes from two new features: Data bars add a shaded bar behind every cell identified - the bigger the number, the bigger the bar.

Icon sets insert different icons tiny pictures next to various numbers. For creating a grading spreadsheet, for example, users can tell Excel to give failing scores a red X and passing scores a green check mark, so they can be distinguished.

Excel also packs in a large number of relatively minor refinements, including a better Formula AutoComplete, which works with functions number-processing tools in Excel that examine some data and then perform a calculation and provide the result.

Formula AutoComplete has always been capable of informing users about the data needed to supply for a function, but now it can go further and suggest possible function names and named ranges on a worksheet as letters are typed. This small improvement will save people who use Excel day in and day out a lot of time. Overall, Excel seems sure to remain king of the spreadsheet world, and it's not cheap at the top. But for creating spreadsheets regularly, this is an improved version well worth consideration.

PowerPoint PowerPoint benefits hugely from Office 's highly visual ribbon interface and new design tools. There's still room for improvement, but the new elements add up to the meatiest PowerPoint update in many years.

PowerPoint 's new themes improve markedly on PowerPoint 's cheesy templates. Themes include preset colour choices to prevent users from creating ugly presentations; the colours and layout of a theme can be modified, and then saved for later use. Since themes and colour selections are also available in Word and Excel, a consistent look can be applied across all Office documents.

Also new and available in Word and Excel, too is SmartArt, a drawing tool for creating graphics that illustrate relationships - organisational charts, pyramids, and cycles, for example.

Users can add and style SmartArt elements with a few clicks, and graphics look clean and polished. PowerPoint 's improved effects, which include drop shadows, perspective, and bevelling and text and graphics including charts and SmartArt can be directly added from the ribbon.

In virtually every case, users can preview how the proposed change will affect the presentation. PowerPoint also includes some worthwhile non-design improvements, too. Tables, which have long been a headache to work with, are now easy to style; and the task of moving data between Excel and PowerPoint, with formatting, is finally the cakewalk it should have been all along.

Dual-monitor support is more sophisticated as well, having the option to blank out the presentation display. PowerPoint's new look sets the bar so high that the few weak spots in the interface are downright jarring. One of these involves the new charting engine, which produces much handsomer graphics than earlier versions but employs a chart type selector that hides slides and doesn't offer a live preview of results.

Cutting-edge presenters may be disappointed that features for adding video, audio, animation, and transitions to a presentation remain pretty basic.

And output destined for the Web still looks so shabby in non-Microsoft browsers that Firefox and Safari users who try to open your presentations will get a message warning them that the content may not show properly.

Despite these flaws, PowerPoint is a winner already. Outlook Outlook amounts to a touch-up rather than a retooling, despite its appealing interface enhancements. We experienced a few glitches when trying to integrate Outlook with non-Microsoft programs and protocols. The sleek ribbon interface makes the task of composing messages like using a word processor, and the on-the-fly formatting menu that appears when users highlight an item is a nice touch.

The new To-Do Bar provides a snapshot of calendar appointments for the day and gives a quick summary of the most pressing tasks. To open it, users will have to double-click a task or calendar entry. From here you can import mail, contacts, the calendar, and tasks from Outlook without a hitch. In Outlook users can preview image, text, and other files before opening them, although there is no support here for PDF files. Microsoft will not ship a PDF previewer for Outlook but it expects that third-party vendors will create one.

Overall, Outlook offers tangible improvements, but the program remains much the same as its predecessor. As e-mail, instant messaging, and other forms of communication become increasingly enmeshed, most users will need programs that can link easily to different types of networks. Unfortunately, though, when it comes to accessibility, Outlook remains very much an outpost in the Microsoft gulag.

Microsoft Outlook

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MS Outlook 2007

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