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You can view the text of a message in several ways: You can open a message in its own window by double-clicking its header in the message list. You can read a message without opening it by clicking its header in the message list to display the message in the Reading Pane. When you reach the end of a message, the first page of the next message is displayed.

This option is very convenient if you want to read through several consecutive messages in the Reading Pane, or if you find it easier to press the Spacebar than to scroll the Reading Pane by using the mouse. You can display the first three lines of each message under the message header by using the AutoPreview feature.

Scanning the first three lines of a message frequently gives you enough information to make basic decisions about how to manage it. The only drawback is that AutoPreview dedicates five lines to each message rather than the two lines of the default Messages view, so fewer messages are visible on your screen at one time. Marking Messages as Read When you open a message, Outlook indicates that you have read it, by changing the message icon from a closed envelope to an open envelope and changing the header font in the message list from bold to normal.

You can also instruct Outlook to mark a message as read after you have previewed it in the Reading Pane for a certain length of time. To do so: On the Tools menu, click Options. In the Reading Pane dialog box, select the check box corresponding to the way you want Outlook to handle messages you view in the Reading Pane.

Mark items as read when viewed in the Reading Pane. Outlook will mark the item as read after it has been displayed in the Reading Pane for five seconds or the amount of time you specify. Mark item as read when selection changes. Outlook will mark the item as read when you select another item. Click OK in the two open dialog boxes.

You can manually mark an item as read or unread by right-clicking the item and then clicking Mark As Read or Mark As Unread. The context menu shows only the available option.

You can view message attachments in several ways: You can open the attachment from an open message or from the Reading Pane. This new feature of Outlook saves time and increases efficiency. If you install add-ins provided by companies other than Microsoft called third-party add-ins , you can preview other types of files as well. You can save the attachment to your hard disk and open it from there. This strategy is recommended if you suspect an attachment might contain a virus, because you can scan the attachment for viruses before opening it provided that you have a virus scanning program installed.

If you receive a contact record as a message attachment, you can add it to your primary address book by dragging the attachment from the e-mail message to the Contacts button in the Navigation Pane.

To add the contact record to a secondary address book, expand the folder structure in the Navigation Pane and drag the attachment to that folder. Microsoft Press, In this exercise, you will preview and open a message and an attachment. If you did not complete that exercise, you can do so now, or you can use any message with an attachment in your Inbox.

On the View menu, click AutoPreview. Note Troubleshooting If the AutoPreview icon on the View menu is shaded, this feature is already turned on. The first three lines of each message appear in the Inbox below the message header. Figure 4. Outlook displays the message in the Reading Pane. Note that the Reading Pane displays the message header and the names of any attached files. In the Reading Pane, point to the Message button below the message header.

Note Troubleshooting If you are working through this exercise with a message that does not have an attachment, you will not see a Message button. A ScreenTip displays the number of attachments. Point to the Attaching. A ScreenTip displays the name, type, and size of the attached file. Outlook asks you to confirm that you want to preview the file.

This security measure is designed to prevent viruses or other malicious content from running without your consent. In the Reading Pane, click Preview file. The fully formatted Word document appears in the Reading Pane. You can scroll through the entire document within this pane, without starting Word. Click the Attaching. The title slide of this PowerPoint presentation appears in the Reading Pane. The message text reappears in the Reading Pane. You can switch between the message and any attachments in this way.

In the Reading Pane, double-click the Attaching. PowerPoint starts and opens the Attaching presentation. Close the presentation to return to your Inbox. The message opens in its own window. Note the message header and the attached file at the top. You can preview an attachment in the message window by clicking it once, and open an attachment by double-clicking it.

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