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We see a laptop displaying a huge yellow progress bar on a blue background. This is the principle behind the " 10-foot user interface ", used for televisions and media servers, where the user is expected to be sitting across the room with a remote, rather than at a desk with keyboard and mouse.

Large fonts are used for readability, many functions are available on the remote control, and any onscreen buttons are large and sparse. Similar contraints influence the UI designed for netbooks, tablets, and smartphones, such as like MeeGo's Clutter, Ubuntu's Unity, and the UIs of Android and iOS.

These devices tend to have small screens and somewhat limited resolution as well as less processing power compared to their larger and more powerful counterparts.

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You'll have some way of having a hardware keyboard and some settings for that. And then you'll have the device that fits in your pocket, which the whole notion of how much function should you combine in there, you know, there's navigation computers, there's media, there's phone.

Technology is letting us put more things in there, but then again, you really want to tune it so people know what they expect. So there's quite a bit of experimentation in that pocket-size device. But I think those are natural form factors and that we'll have the evolution of the portable machine.

And the evolution of the phone will both be extremely high volume, complementarythat is, if you own one, you're more likely to own the other.


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