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Additionally, managing files is always a headache without a full USB connector and a comprehensive file manager and they also need a physical keyboard for productivity. Amazingly, Microsoft solved all these challenges the most impressive variable of the equation being the design of the Touch Cover keyboard. Surface is certainly not the "best laptop" out there, but it offers key laptop benefits that are missing in competing tablets.

On the tablet side, it delivers good performance (for this category), and offers a similar entertainment experience, except for the lack of games (for now we know it will change, as the majority of game developers develop for PC and Xbox). Some people, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, argued that Surface is full of "design compromises" and in our opinion, they are wrong: Surface does not sacrifice any of the tablet advantages to offer some of the laptop capabilities,on the contrary: it delivers unique laptop benefits in addition to the tablet's best features (lightness, thinness, compact form factor, very long battery life, very good display, touch, ease of use).

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Development and sales of Adobe Flash Catalyst ended on April 23, Features[ edit ] With Flash Catalyst, user interface architects can create the user interface for Adobe Flex now Adobe Flash Builder 4 applications using Adobe graphics software. Then developers can use the result to build the rest of the application in Flex. The converted artwork can then be used as functional UI components creating Flex component skins. Flash Catalyst can also use design-time data placeholders when marking up an application, testing interactivity, and choreographing motion.

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