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The basic structure of the design-analysis feedback loop exists for every object and is depicted in figure 3. However, as requirements related to part performance, cost, and life cycle become more stringent, the complexity of the analysis increases. Incorporating these computationally intensive processes into DTAM requires extensive network, storage, and compute infrastructure.

In this section, we will describe how the AM design-analysis feedback loop differs from common digital manufacturing practices, the capabilities that this portion of a DTAM needs to support, and the infrastructure capacity needed to harness those capabilities.

The design-analysis feedback loop Once the initial design file is created or scan completed, the iterative design-analyze process begins.

The design file is imported into a computer-aided engineering (CAE) system. CAE tools provide detailed computational analysis, including the structural, thermal, and fluid dynamic analyses using methods such as finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics.

Build simulation and planning run concurrently with computation analysis. Machining processes are simulated, verifying manufacturability.

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Installation choices for consumer versions of Windows Vista bit only Content provided by Microsoft Applies to: This article does not cover bit operating systems. For more information about installation choices for bit versions of Windows Vista, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: The method that you use to install Windows Vista depends on the answers to the following questions: Do you have an upgrade license of Windows Vista or a full product license? Does the version of Windows that is installed support an upgrade to the version that you purchased?


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