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A Windows installation disc, or other installation media for the operating systems you want to use alongside Mac OS X An Internet connection to download and install freely available operating system such as Ubuntu or Google Chrome. Notes If you're using OS X Lion or later, you can setup a second copy of OS X to be used as a guest operating system alongside your main system, without having to purchase or download another copy of OS X. Salinet Location: Brasil Age: Home User Owned Product: I would recommend this item to a friend!

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Cheap Parallels desktop 8 good price

Sahil Bones Gupta Published: October 26, Heck, as a Mac user even I have wanted to taste the forbidden fruit. Virtualization always works on the Mac and frankly there are only two realistic options in this space — Parallels and VMware Fusion. Parallels is considered to be the superior option and the latest version of the Parallels 8 also happens to be completely Windows 8 and MacBook Pro Retina Display compliant.

Can there be a better test bed for Parallels Desktop 8? I think not. Read on to find out more. Running Windows 8 on a MacBook Pro can sound like a daunting task, but in my experience it is actually simpler on some level than installing a fresh copy of Windows 8 from scratch on a PC. One just has to install the copy of Parallels 8 and then the app will automatically ask the use whether to install from an ISO, or to download the release preview of Windows 8 from the Internet.

Now that Windows 8 is out, one can just download the ISO file from Microsoft and install the full version as there is no way to upgrade the release preview of Windows 8 to the final build. On the whole the entire process is quite quick and I was able to get running with Windows 8 under 30 minutes, which is slightly slower than the time it would take to install Windows 8 on a standard PC with comparable specs.

Using Parallels 8 generally was very silky smooth experience. Parallels 8 solves this problem, but I did notice a discernible drop in performance. For most people this performance blip will not be an issue, and when one combines the fact that it will only be noticeable on the new MacBook Pro with retina display, chances are very very few people will even get to experience the gulf in performance.

As a general purpose Windows user one will not face any problems. That said, Windows 8 does run in to weird rendering and scaling issues at times, but Parallels has already warned users that upgrading to Windows 8 is not entirely a good idea till it completes its testing.

As far as the feature set goes, Parallels 8 offers a very robust set of features that compares favorably with VMware Fusion. So Windows apps will be docked in the dock carousel and one can even have these apps on the LaunchPad.

I personally did not use this feature a lot because my main intention was to experience the Windows 8 UI. People who just want access to Windows applications that are not available on OS X will definitely use this feature and it works well, as one does not need to jump between two radically different user-interface paradigms.

I was also able to drag and drop files between the two platforms. A good example of this was importing files to a Windows version of Adobe Lightroom. Parallels will even automatically detect system defaults for applications. So I could have different applications on both the operating systems handling different file types and it will not matter as Parallels will automatically detect which app to open the file with irrespective of the operating system.

It even plays nice with USB devices. Instead of using the painful Android file transfer app, I was able to avoid the file transfer app and I directly loaded my content using mass storage that works only with Windows. As my primary testbed for Parallels 8 was the release preview of Windows 8, I was not able to properly test gesture support for the OS.

That said, all the OS X gestures were working, but I do wonder if one will be able to use Windows 8 gestures on a Mac with the trackpad via Parallels. As one can run Windows because of Parallels that also gets sorted. Performance of games is slightly lower in a virtual environment, but on the MacBook Pro with Retina display and its Kelper GPU, the difference is not massive. Long story short, if you are a Mac user and you need to use Windows applications for your work, then Parallels 8 is a must-have tool.

Its MacBook Pro Retina compliance is another advantage as it allows users to Windows apps without any pixilation and major performance dips. Published Date:

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