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Parallels Desktop brings back the real Start menu and lets customers use Metro apps in a window instead of full screen Security Center: Easily access and install complimentary security software subscriptions to keep the Mac and Windows virtual machines safe from viruses and malware, all from one location Enhanced new Virtual Machine Wizard: It is easier than ever to set up a new virtual machine, especially on computers that don't have DVD drives Power Nap support: Parallels Desktop now includes the addition of the Dictionary lookup gesture in Windows applications Thunderbolt and FireWire storage device support: Lets people print from any Windows application to a PDF on the Mac desktop even if the application doesn't have that functionality Sticky multi-monitor setup: When using Windows in Full Screen mode and connecting to an external monitor, Parallels Desktop will remember settings and put the Windows virtual machine back in full screen mode on the remote monitor Custom keyboard: Editable keyboard shortcuts help customize the Windows experience Linux guest integration: Hard Drive: At least MB of disk space on the boot volume Macintosh HD for Parallels Desktop installation plus space to allocate to your virtual machine.

Internet connection required for product download, activation, updates, and select features Requires Windows or other host operating system not included Reviews "I have been using Parallels Desktop now for several years and version 9 is very fast and responsive.

This is the best version yet - great job! Customer Ratings Write a Review 4. Salinet Location: Brasil Age: Home User Owned Product: I would recommend this item to a friend! Customer Videos: Verified Buyer Reviewer: Austarlia Age: Power User Owned Product: TimFrazier69 Location: Nashville, NC Age: IT Professional Owned Product: October 24, I have been using this software on my Mac for some backwards compatibility with MS Windows world and software.

Sad2Say Rating: As always, however, OWC customer service has been terrific. Verified Buyer Top Contributor Reviewer: Anonymous Location: Kankakee, IL Age: I like the ease of setting up most VM's, though Windoze Upgrades can be tricky.

It allows me to run those occasional use Windoze or Linux software without having to keep a dedicated machine. The only drawback that drops it to a 4 star from a 5 is that it restricts the versions of OS X that you can setup.

Currently, you can't go any further back that Mavericks. My first Mac Mini was a Snow Leopard machine and sometimes I find that even in a VM, I can get certain tasks accomplished quicker than with all of the bells and whistles of newer versions. Austin, TX Age: I also like physical media so this was win-win.

I was really impressed with the Coherence mode and enjoyed the easy printer and file sharing - I literally had to configure NOTHING in my guest operating systems to access my desktop printer. If you want a professional product which provides fantastic integration between OS X and the guest operating systems you want to run, this is for you! The Great White North Rating: Installed Windows 7 without a hitch, which is a plus for Windows-: Long Beach, CA Age: Anonymous Age: Hobbiest Owned Product: But Great Price!

January 1, Fast shipping and no issues with the item. Very Satisfied! Great price though! Australia Age: The only downside is the constant upgrades with OS versions. Do we really have to pay every single time the OS changes? Surely they could throw a free upgrade for loyal customers.

Of course this is a Paralles issue. What great about OWC, the cost of purchasing is discounted when picking up some great hardware. Thats a really good deal. Thanks OWC. NH Rating: Genoa, Italy Age: Indonesia Age: With Parallels the issue was moot.

Most of the applications I use are either supplied within OSX or I was able to find cost-effective equivalents. But for the things that I just couldn't afford to replace, Parallels allow me to run them in a Win VM without a hitch. When Yosemite was released I held off upgrading because I didn't want to pay the full upgrade price.

On a conventional HD the performance is rather good. But when coupled with an SSD the performance increases dramatically. The only issue that I have had is that sometimes after upgrading from a previous version, you will need to "re-authorize" your copy of Windows. For XP it worked easily. Win7 was a bit more troublesome. Marco Island, FL Age: I've explored alternative VMs, but for me, the features and ease of use Parallels provides makes it the clear choice.

Antioch,CA Age: I tend to fix many Windows computers so I needed that one too. Now instead of haveing to carry 3 Laptops to locations I can carry one and take care of all 3 OS's at once.

Its so simple anyone can do it. I have tried several Windows software titles and all run well. As do all the Linux software apps I have tried and believe me I really tried to cause a problem. Great Software Anonymous Rating: I returned to Parallel's when 8 was released and happy that I did. I haven't noticed a considerable difference going from 8 to 10, but took advantage of the upgrade offer when I purchased a Mercury SSD. North Carolina Age: Over 65 Experience Level: Verified Buyer Top 50 Contributor Reviewer: January 5, Love it.

Installed this and XP Pro. No need to partition a certain amount of space, Parallels does this automatically, I guess. I only have one program I use, so it's easy, but you I open to FireFox and go from there. The site I want to go to has "only IE 8 and Windows 7 will work. Had to jump through hoops for that, but Parallels 10 made it happen. Very easy. Can't add any durability info, too new. Zurrieq, Malta Age: December 27, Being a student, and much of the software is available only on this platform, this software helped me work and browse seamlessly on both operating systems.

Spain Age: That's great! New York Age: I continue to be pleased with the work Parallels has put into Parallels desktop. It offers more features and functionality that all the other options, at least for my needs.

It continues to rule the speed and functionality tests. I keep waiting for a moment of regret that I didn't choose the competition instead, and that moment never happens.

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