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Masking in Photoshop can be efficient at times, but there are also times when it can become a bit complicated. Mask Pro uses a unique feature where you sample color along the edge of your subject and choose whether to keep or discard that specific color. Mask Pro did an incredible job of removing this flower from the image. The lines and edges are clean and smooth, and the entire process was simple and actually kind of fun! There will certainly be some subjects that are harder to remove from others, like a person with brown hair against a brown colored background.

Not all images are good candidates for software programs like this. They have now taken the algorithms from that program and added them to Perfect Resize 7! How cool is that!? As you can see, I made this image significantly larger using Perfect Resize. This software is a must for anyone who wants to have larger prints made than what you normally would. The original file here was smaller than what my camera normally produces because I cropped out a good deal of the original file to create the composition.

I used Perfect Resize to basically take my image back to its normal size. Here is a quick demo of how this program works… PhotoFrame PhotoFrame is one of those programs that is deceptively awesome. At first glance, I always thought that PhotoFrame was just good for adding a pre-made border around an image to make it look nice. Upon further inspection however, I discovered PhotoFrame is another incredibly powerful tool in the Perfect Photo Suite that definitely earned its spot in the line up.

You can use PhotoFrame to create entire albums for clients, for anything from weddings to seniors. All in addition to the seemingly endless library of borders, textures and frames. There is really no way to sum up the possibilites of PhotoFrame in a short review like this. The amount of textures, borders, frames and layouts in PhotoFrame is overwhelming to say the least.

For the example image, I chose a senior themed layout because my subject was…well…a senior. Now with the release of Aperture 3, both programs offer the ability to add filters to your images. These preset adjustments can range anywhere from simple black and white conversions, to lomo and antique feels, to super-modern over-saturated effects. PhotoTools is a massive library of photographic filters and presets that give your images that extra pop they need to stand out.

The revolutionary thing about PhotoTools is that you can stack these filters on top of one another, then adjust the opacity of each filter to taste before applying and exporting to your actual image.

On top of that, most of these effects were created by top photographer in the industry, and they are available for use to anybody with the program! And yes, these are goats in a tree. Above you can see the Cross-Process filter.

See that little tool in the upper left? That allows me to go brush back in part of the original photo. You can see the masking over on the right how I masked back in the original sky. Above, you can see one of the many borders. This causes a strange kind of stress.

You can always take solace knowing that you have more options rather than less. Perfect Black and White You launch this the same way as all the other plugins, by opening the panel then double-clicking on the tool.

I find the whole getting-into-onOne-tools process to be quite clunky, but that is probably not their fault. It is probably something with the way that Photoshop talks to plugins. Anyway, once you are in the tool everything is simple and self-explanatory. Again, you are presented with a ton of thumbnails down the left side. You can pick one that suits your fancy then tweak it on the right. You may have better success if you bring in very colorful photos with strong shapes and lines.

I recommend this instead of the basic tools that come with Photoshop and Lightroom. Perfect Portrait Want to easily make faces look better? This is a great tool for that.

You know that look, right? Where people look smooth enough to spread like hummus and their eyes pop out like white supernovas, burning into your retinas. You can go all extreme if you want to… but try to avoid the temptation.

The new Perfect Portrait is very good at finding faces. You can see how I used it to make this Japanese guy look even more Japanese-awesome! Perfect Resize Formerly, this was known as Genuine Fractals, which was a very nerdy name. I like how OnOne has consolidated everything down. Above, you can see the options over on the right for making your image bigger.

The latest addition to the suite is supa-sweet! It’s called Perfect Browse and solves one of the BIG problems in the Lightroom workflow without necessarily replacing Lightroom — and I have a dedicated Perfect Browse Review. Perfect Photo Suite 9 Premium. Perfect Photo Suite 9 is yet another smart iteration in the series. They just get. Discount Perfect Photo Suite 9, Cheapest Autodesk Navisworks Manage , Best Price Adobe Photoshop CS6 Top Simplified Tips And Tricks, Download FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced/10(). Upgrade Discount! Upgrade to Perfect Photo Suite 9 for just $ If you are not purchasing Perfect Photo Suite for the first time and currently own an older version, you may qualify for one of the upgrade options at checkout. This is an ongoing promotion but you will need to own a registered copy of a upgradable version to get this offer.

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The portrait feature is part facial recognition software and part photo preset application. It will automatically locate faces within a photograph. And then select the eyes and other facial features for you and provide different processing options for each. It also allows you to manipulate the zones to fit the persons unique facial features. Ability to work with layers The big difference that separates most photo editing programs is the ability to work with layers.

Layers are just just what they sound like but can also be very complex. Processing your photos using layer masks gives you virtually unlimited control of the actions which you choose to apply to your image. Admittedly, the layers concept can be a little daunting for beginners. Perfect Photo apparently recognized the difficulty experienced by some users and offers a very simplified but still very effective system for working with layers.

All the task buttons are very well placed and highly visible and altogether easy to understand even for the less experienced when compared to some other editing software.

Outstanding tutorials and interactive help This brings me to one of my favorite features of the Perfect Photo software, and where I feel the folks over at onOne should be applauded. As I have said, the program offers a more simplified experience over some other similar editing softwares.

Still, if you run into a problem, Perfect Photo 9. Simplified one-click noise reduction This is a great feature that makes reducing the digital noise in your photos easy and faster. Great preview of preset looks In addition to sporting an incredible number of presets, the way the Perfect Photo software organizes and presents those presets is outstanding.

There is a small display button that will instantly open a preview window containing an expanded list of thumbnails showing the different presets applied to your photo. This larger view really makes a world of difference for quickly evaluating the look of your images. Eraser brush This tool enables you to remove or erase objects from your photos. These types of functions can sometimes perform really well or really bad. It actually does a pretty decent job. Here we see two sets of flowers: And now only one: Some Personal Preferences With any software, there will always be aspects that you like less than others.

Most of the time this will come down to personal preference and the way you are used to working with your images. These are the very minimal points that I found lacking in Perfect Photo Suite 9. Too much integration of global and layer editing Perfect Photo Suite 9. This could possibly be viewed as a handicap of the software in some situations.

The simplified format of the features are great if you are just starting out and learning to work with images and layers.

However, if you are accustomed to using other programs for your work the combined functionality could leave you feeling underwhelmed and somewhat limited.

This is a tool I use consistently with my image processing to apply exposure, sharpening, and color tone adjustments to specific areas of a photo. This again falls into the realm of personal inclination and preference.

Granted, a highly customizable set of brushes are available when working with layers. Still, it would have been helpful to have a brush available when making selective adjustments without using the slightly more involved method of working in layers.

It is also available as a plug-in to enhance your favorite editing program such as Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Elements, as well as Apple Aperture. It gives you enormous power to make your editing and processing as complex through using layers and stacking or as simple through presets as you could wish it to be.

Is it the best of both worlds? Is it an outstanding effort by the team at onOne. A Few More Images.


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