Siemens solid edge st4 cheap price

Siemens solid edge st4 cheap price

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Discount Siemens solid edge st4 cheap price

Answered on 19 Mar, It easier to work with and saves more time desining complexed models. But, for new users it might be more hard to get at first. SE is a more simple, down to earth software. I think that SE is a pure engineering soft. I can say from the animations making point of view, if you'll ever need any, SE has a very different approach then SW. In your case as described, with a strong graphic system, I think SE will be more than enough. Answered on 24 May, Not that Solidworks is no good, but I like ST4's ability to edit imported files easily, and the price is lower.

My next step is to select a rendering software, which I find the decision hard to make again. I've posted it as a separate question in: The question might be better approached by looking at how many paying jobs are requesting solidworks vs solidedge; the answer is simple, solidworks.

I am in the K a year range with my company that is gross, not net and I have yet to see a contract job specifically asking for solidedge. So while admittedly solidedge appears to be listening better to their users, do you want a great program that you are always importing files into or do you just want to make money?

Eliseos Anenoglou Answered on 29 Apr, Answered on 2 May, Solid work and solid edge are similar, the difference is about some functions, difference in assembly status and base-standard. I used solid edge i have it but i bought 2 solidworks licences and i prefere to use thelast: About price: Probably also Inventor is good and is very diffused into technical officies because of autocad was copied free from all. I don't know the price of Inventor but i suppose it's similar to solidworks.

With every software you can do the same things even if there are different way to achive the goal, the choice depende on customers and the future possibility to work. But then the unthinkable happened, I had an opportunity to go with a startup company and I got to choose which software to choose. I choose SE because, by that time I was used to it and No hesitation, Solid edge is more successful to the everyday life Paul Passarelli Answered on 16 Feb, And the only reason I'm commenting on a thread that is over two years old, is to convey my contempt and disgust for the quality of the product I am still using.

SolidWorks is one of the most "brittle" pieces of software I've ever encountered. Sure it works fine if you don't stress it too hard, but push it just a hairs' width past what it should do effortlessly, and it fails catastrophically! I wouldn't mind so much if the crashes were just that Anyway, I hope you are happy with the choice you made.

Personally, I like the synchronous technology. It allows for a much faster design of simple parts. I used to have problems when loading big assemblies in solid works, something that I have not experienced with solid edge. The FEMA tool in solid works has more options than the one solid edge uses.

Making and organizing drawings is simpler in solid edge. In conclusion I suggest you acquire solid edge unless the price of solid works is lower. Answered on 29 Jul, Everytime i have to go back to SE for any reason, it's a real pain. Solid Works is superior by far in the following fields: In SE You can't reach the decent level of rendering you get with SW, not even if you spend ages working on the same object. Everyone stating that the products are similar, means that they are similar as far as you are not using SE in a syncronous environment.

I am not sure why they wanted to add this way of modeling, because after countless training hours, I still think it's a very fancy thing to show to people, but difficult to keep it under control.

Under a practical aspect: SW allows you to keep errors and conflicts under control in such a way you couldn't dream if using SE.

Try solidface for software. And for the rendering software you can always use keyshot almost everybody does. Answered on 5 Apr, For rendering SolidWorks is as good of an option as Solid Edge, because to have the built-in rendering software you'd have to buy the Premium or the Professional version as I remember, Standard doesn't come with it. Tice Answered on 5 Apr, For you James, furniture is often drawed by SolidWorks. Thanks for the tips and if I have made a discision i will upload a few models!

Dieter Radler Answered on 5 Apr, But the first demonstration done by a SolidWorks professional convinced me completely. He has done things I was working on for weeks with the cheap tools in less than two hours. The concept of SolidWorks is based on "active metadata" or they call it features.

This concept is implemented completely and is from my point of view state of the art and secures future enhancements. The error messages are mostly very helpful and it delivers very good rendering.

I was able to do great progress with only three days of training individual consulting, I've bought with the product. The education string at least in Germany throught SolidWorks partners is great and fairly cheap.

My resume, even month after the decission I would make the same decission again. Dino Salkanovic Answered on 6 Apr, Will make the decision when I get familiarized with it. Thank you everyone for the valuable feedback! Answered on 25 Apr, I started toying around with the SolidEdge trial, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it can open my Solidworks files directly.

However, I wasn't able to find much literature on this topic. What I'd like to know is, will I be able to directly edit the history based parameters of Solidworks files in ST4? Also, how does this work the other way round? Sammy Redshaw Answered on 27 Feb, SW i was hitting issues like i never had when using SW like showing weld in a sheet metal assembly.

Unfortunatly the reseller in the UK really want to Push NX which is not applicable in a lot mechanical engineering. I called them up about SE licence and got annoyed with the sales team thinking that i didn't know what what i was on about!

Which puts alot of customer trailing it cause they think the reseller doesn't think it good enough. Dassult splits the catia user base away from the SW user base for this reason! Give SE a go you won't regret it. Answered on 12 May, Creo Parametric is like solidworks but very complex hard to learn If I am going to spend thousands on a program it dang better well still work if for whatever reason I stop paying their annual fees.

We used an organic 3D Program like 3ds Max for design and render, sometimes with Keyshot for product renders.

And Solidworks for technical drawings. Solidworks is not a great renderer. But can be used for that as well. Max is not of any use for technical drawings, and rendering is a complex task. Hard learning curve. Solidworks and Solidedge are mostly similar and the differences are not dramatic.

The Syncronous Tech while sweet on the eyes is not that much help. I would recommend Solidworks as you already own it and Keyshot for the renders, while keeping in mind that scene renders inside building with outside light are not it's strong point. Ion Paun Answered on 29 Jul, It is true I never give-up in working with SolidEdge.

You must think at what you need. Good renderings? Of course,Solidworks have a better rendering. But is not enough. If I do the work in SolidEdge,I will do the same. Theese programs are dedicated for technology. Very good export have both,SW and SE. Answered on 13 Sep, Michael Goldberg Answered on 18 Oct, Pick what you'll be able to use the most and will get you the most customers.

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