Snagit 2 2 low price

Snagit 2 2 low price

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Techsmith needs to worry about it more than many customers do, and not just because of support requests. I'm not AS annoyed about it because I've been on an upgrade cycle since paying full price for V6, so for me the gap between what I paid for C9 via upgrade and the cost of the Humble Bundle is less. I'm actually slightly more annoyed about paying for C which I've stopped using because I find the "faster rendering times" to be a myth indeed, often the opposite of the truth , and it can't even remember what my last project was, for heaven's sake. They do not like the feeling that they've paid more than they needed to, when they thought that the price they paid was the price for everyone. That's the first problem; it leaves some full freight customers with the feeling that they've been done over, which in turn alienates them. See also, Andy Gooch above. It is far, far more likely that the "full freight" customers who sought out the program's functionality are also the ones who would have stuck with the program for the long term.


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