Sony Dvd Architect Pro 5 Best Price

Sony dvd architect pro 5 best price

DVDs made easy: Use the same drag-and-drop motion to place buttons, text, backgrounds, and more to create a professional-looking DVD in minutes. It's the complete DVD experience, fast and easy! Professional results: You can include a wide variety of media formats, including standard-definition and high-definition video. Add behind-the-scenes features, director's cuts, outtakes, bloopers, and more. Menus, buttons, and subtitles: Design your own menus and buttons. Freely position text, graphics, and buttons anywhere on the screen.

Make titles and captions stand out with effects such blur and shadow. Perfect preview: Use the virtual remote control to simulate how your project will look on a television screen and how it will function in a DVD player. Fast DVD burning: Amazing Tutorials: These extraordinary helpers are built right into the software-just click Show Me How to access simple, interactive help on 25 topics.

Show Me How tutorials help you spend less time learning and more time creating. First impressions were good: The details led to frustration however: In most cases DVD Architect doesn't follow that convention - so it takes longer to find out how to do things. Then I tried importing elementary video streams: Although the disk seemed to mount ok, the DVD menu didn't appear until I hit the play button, then the menu button to cancel the seemingly randomly selected title that started playing.

Then I tried to find out how to add descriptive captions using subtitles to my videos I have the "Studio" version of the tool, and apparantly that doesn't support subtitles or multiple audio tracks. None of this was made clear to me when I bought the tool. It seems that if I want subtitles then I need to buy the "Pro" version at ten times the price and the Pro version seems to be hard to get in the UK. In other words, the Studio version is crippleware, and I got suckered.

So, I'm still looking for a decent, affordable, semi-pro DVD authoring package. Review by mpack on Jul 1, Version: Don't be fooled by DVD Architect's fantastic user interface - this is not a "burn your home movies to DVD" program unless you want it to be.

Compared to certain other authoring solutions which could politely be referred to as a usability joke, Sony DVD Architect is simply a joy to use. One down-side which won't be a problem for most: Creating layered menus with appropriate highlights is very easy too, although the manual could make this process a little clearer.

For example, you can access the SPRM variables to detect what audio track the user has selected, and display a different menu page with appropriate visual feedback. Subtitling is really easy, too. The [ and ] keys define start and end frames for the event dragging the mouse on the timeline works, too.

Currently, there is a bug where importing the said scripts will cause all line breaks to be double-spaced: Granted, the possibilities aren't as limitless as they'd be with a program like Scenarist, but I think it's safe to say that DVDA gives you the functionality you're likely to need for almost every project, with almost none of the headaches. From my point of view, I can spend more time perfecting the video encode and menus and less time learning an unappealing, poorly designed piece of software.

Don't be fooled by the wide audience this program seems to aim for - it's capable of seriously powerful stuff incidentally, version 5 which was just announced a few days ago, is reportedly adding Blu-ray Disc authoring to the mix, which I can't wait for.

Any usability quirks I've experienced are incredibly minor and are justified by this program's interface and bargain price. Review by lyris on Apr 16, Version: Vista Ease of use: For some reason 4. Very disappointing.

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DVD Architect Pro 5 - How to add audio?

Its clean, drag-and-drop interface and powerful layout and authoring tools make it easy to develop dynamic menu-based DVDs, movies, picture slideshows, and music compilations. DVD Architect versions 4. For increased compatibility with these players, you can provide a secondary audio track using lower-sample-rate PCM audio or AC-3 audio. Please save your files in the Flash 5 format. Flash files that contain Actionscript or motion video will not be interpreted correctly by the Flash reader plug-in. You can use the Optimize Disc dialog to force recompression re-encoding of the media file, and the project will prepare without error.

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