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Cubase, Cubase Studio, Cubase Studio or Qubase Studio are the default file names to indicate the Steinberg Cubase Studio installer. This program is an intellectual property of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. This PC program can be /5(). Hal Leonard Cubase 4 Power The Comprehensive Guide. (No reviews) Be the first to. Write a Review. MSRP: Old Price $ Discounted Price $ Save: $ (5%) Compare + Add to Cart. Steinberg Cubase Artist 10 DAW (Educational The publication of the MSRP is for reference only and is not a representation of a selling price by Sam Ash. Related: cubase 6 cubase 7 steinberg cubase 5 cubase 4 cubase elements cubase 10 cubase 9 pro tools cubase pro 10 cubase 5 software cubase pro cubase sx Include description Categories.

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The installation went smoothly, it's not easy to configure, I've had Cubase SE 1. The software doesn't work well, it's a piece of shit, it doesn't sound stable. I also tested Cakewalk's Music Creator 4 , but I had problems with the soundcard,. I'm a year old handicapped musician.

Talk to you soon??? Did you find this review helpful? Cakewalk sorry??? But for the Cakewalk VST, no problem: I know more Windows 7 Professional The software is stable, no problem For Price: Thanks AudioFanzine, thank you However, the transfer of the license is messed up, so I was unable to activate the software for months.

I tried again recently, I removed the transfer messed up I had not have noticed the option to remove previously , I reinstalled the license and everything went perfectly. No inconsistency on my side. The manual is extremely clear and complete for my taste, with several useful tutorials for beginners who want to know as confirmed by the core software.

It's very stable, no crash and the software works very well. Cubase LE 4 is the newest of 4, I find it more ergonomic, clear, and clearly better thought best. In comparison, other seem more "draft". However, SX SX3 and are much more extensive: LE 4 is a version very "light". However, this is a really light version, and offered at that.

Should not expect to have the equivalent of 5 in Cubase for free, either. No, any software, it's a bomb. But paying, there's better, necessarily. Also note that the upgrade to Cubase 5 is possible, and we did at the same time save around euros on the price of one.

However, as two Cubase LE 4 will be useless to me, I turn instead to upgrade to Cubase 5 in the future. After some months of use, I come here not to change my opinion but to state the limits of software: Maximum number of audio tracks: No problem, except for the license if it was not the net which should be the case for our PC music.

No, on the contrary with respect to my cubase VST 32 tlcomandes the South are better reconues. That's good since I switched to Mac and I was looking for a sequencer well not too expensive With Cubase LE 4, a small adjustment period and afterwards, I realize that it is more ergonomic! Simplissime what So, no conflict for now, I hope it will last with my current config


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