Vmware fusion 7

Vmware fusion 7

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One of the best parts is that you can install Windows 10 onto the Mac VMware Fusion Windows 10 , but hide it and continue to use OS X while accessing and utilizing all of the great Windows-based apps. Luckily, there is a quick and easy workaround for allowing VMware Fusion, version 7 or 8, to handle the migration process for you. Some users have had no problem installing and running Windows 10, while others have reported significant snags. Recent updates have done a lot to alleviate some of the most common user gripes where version 10 is concerned, and Mac users tend to like version 10 better than any previous Windows version. However, some Fusion 7 users have hit a snag during the Windows 10 upgrade process.


How To: Install Windows 7 on a Mac (VMWare)

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