Windows vista ultimate low price

Windows vista ultimate low price

However, Microsoft has not touched the pricing for the Professional edition previously called the Business edition. This might be attributed to the fact that in Windows 7, every edition is a superset of the previous one. That means that unlike Windows Vista Business, Windows 7 Professional will contain all the features that the Home Premium edition has, and thus Microsoft cannot justify a price drop. Upgrading from XP or Vista with a retail copy While these price changes are positive for consumers none of the products has increased in price , they are rather disappointing for those hoping for much more aggressive price slashes given the current economic climate. Thankfully, retail pricing is typically used as a starting point; most users will not be buying retail versions anyway. Retail sales account for less than 5 percent of Windows sales, the rest of sales are via OEM.

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Where to buy Windows vista ultimate low price

How much will Windows 7 cost you? We parse Microsoft's convoluted prices to help you find the best deal Senior Reporter, Computerworld Last week, Microsoft unveiled retail pricing for Windows 7, the successor to Vista and Microsoft's hope for a revival in operating system buzz. But as soon as the sheet was yanked off the price board, people started asking questions.


Unboxing Windows Vista Ultimate Edition in 2017

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